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    Oh…if only I could put my son in a protective bubble until he’s 45 so nothing could ever harm him…LOL!!….

    So here’s what happened. One of my neighbors offered to give my son a play train table since his own son was no longer using it. I gratefully accepted. He called when I was trying to study for a quiz and had 2 hours before class, had been logged in trying to work and study….sigh…..so I was like, OK, need a break. It’s fine. He came over and put the table in my son’s room. It was too heavy for me to carry by myself. One of those big ones….for those of you who have kids I’m sure you know what I mean….

    Anyway he started talking on and on and quickly changed the topic to religion and God….and then proceeded to tell me that all Walt Disney pictures have subliminal messages that are harmful to children and that Walt Disney was a Freemason and that Walt Disney will harm my child if i let him watch it.

    Of course I roll my eyes and feel like banging my head against the wall.

    Then just now, it’s about 10pm at night and he sent me a text with a link to watch. For those who may not have a problem with wasting away a few brain cells, here is the link he sent me:


    Part of me wants to laugh. Another part of me wants to be very angry. Or apathetic and just roll my eyes…Truthfully I’m just….not sure what to say. Is the Ilumminati even real? Is the conspiracy about free masons real? Are the subliminal messages of Walt Disney real? I want to say “no” “no” and “no”…..but I don’t have a lot of time on my hands to dig too deep on this issue. I thought I would just bring it up and ask what you all know on the topic. Is any of this legit? Or is this man a raving lunatic? If there’s any truth to it I would consider changing my ways….but I like Disney movies, and trying to keep my son sheltered from that kind of thing is like trying to send him to Mars. It’s just NOT going to happen. But if there is some sort of creepy subliminal messaging going on, I would kind of like to know….

    What do you think?




    The link has unexpected characters in it and doesn’t work unless you manually remove the characters in the address bar. This link works: https://youtu.be/dSelXzutUoo

    I couldn’t take more than 10 minutes of that. I don’t know what you can say to anyone who’s so willing to let his imagination usurp his reason (if he has much of it at all). I think he’s got it backwards, and he’s even more of a victim than he knows: space aliens made that video, to turn earthlings into cannibals!

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    The man is very disturbed. I have serious reservations about allowing my son to play with his son. There is a lot about jim that isn’t right.


    Simon Paynton

    I had a Christian friend who was into this idea. I told him it was a load of bollocks. The things he showed me, I don’t see how anyone could use them to take over the world using Disney movies.

    It’s hard to argue with someone who’s paranoid. I think Christians can have a persecution complex, as if from the Devil.



    Sounds like he’s batshit crazy honey. I suspect the only way you’re going to stop him is to pick a rant yourself, and blast him with it. You’re reading a lot about climate change right now. Next time he starts with the evils of Walt, you can say “oh that’s interesting, but I’m really an avid activist for climate protection. Did you know that blah blah blah, give him ten links, and then raise the subject whenever he’s near. Excessively. With a bit of luck he’ll start avoiding you, saving you the effort 🙂



    LOL!!!! That is brilliant Strega…Right now he thinks he’s going to convert me to his cult religion. He’s like, “start with then and then I’ll show you everything….” Hahahahah!!!! His wife’s more sane. I go with her to the park when we get our sons together.



    “Batshit crazy” about covers it.

    Strega’s idea might work exceptionally well if you can find the links that make the most direct claims of “big oil” and “big coal” not giving a damn and trying to suppress the science. Go find the ones you think are verging on crazy and/or sensationalistic (as opposed to sober recitations of the science), find the ones that make the biggest predictions of sea level rise. It’ll parallel nicely his pet conspiracy theory since it alleges all sorts of sinister ulterior motives by big companies.

    I’ve heard so many variations on Illuminati/Trilateral commission/New World Order conspiracy nuttery, but this is obsessive focus with what would be just one tiny piece of that gigantic puzzle (if, that is, there were any truth to it at all), and seems odd even for conspiracy weenies.


    Simon Paynton

    He needs to get a life. Maybe he’s not quite right in the head.



    Is the Ilumminati even real?

    If there’s a group calling itself The Illuminati, they are most likely a rock band. I don’t think there’s an official Illuminati organization anymore, though there once was one. That organization consisted of freethinking and skeptical individuals, which is why religious nuts fear them so much, no doubt.

    Read about them on Wikipedia.

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