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    Rationalwiki has a nice description:


    Heaven is described in a rather bizarre way throughout the Bible in both testaments. A rather detailed description of it can be found in Revelation, giving precise details of which jewels adorn which gates and how many units of pure gold gilds the many arches in heaven. It is described as a city but it is also vaguely referred to as a ghostly place. Angels use precious measuring sticks to set up a perfect architecture. There is an elaborate set of thrones and levels for the different angels to seat themselves (heaven seems divided by class). It is also geometrically a perfect Borg cube, even if some commentators suggest it could be pyramid or mountain-shaped, which raises the question, if Heaven fits millions (maybe billions) of people, then it must be very high…and yet the whole thing is illuminated by a lamb so, does that mean there are no floors? Or perhaps each floor has an open centre like a modern five star hotel? The materials are quite magical as walls can be solid gold yet crystal clear. The bright lamb must be sort of like the Wolverine from X-Men who can self-heal, since that kind of radiation it emits should be rather toxic for any creature. Heaven has rivers, streets, trees and something vaguely described as a city (probably as pure coincidence something just like a 1st century city?). It isn’t known if there is a large theme park with waterslides and a 150 foot vertical drop.




    So that’s what “Fronkeys” are.  Would their production/reproduction process be called “Froggy Went A’ Courtin'” or “Hot Monkey Love?”

    🐸 or 🐵

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    One million cells in your body die every second. You are not the you that you were 5 minutes ago. It’s the cells that don’t die that you have to worry about.

    I’ve been wondering if there are any cells that stay with you your whole life. It turns out YES! Brain cells, at least the ones you don’t destroy by abusing alcohol or listening to Trump. However, as I read further, I see I’m not the first to mention this.



    This sort of malarkey* could lead to a rise in reported cases of the Capgras delusion. *a very presidential word.

    How in the world could someone be treated for this delusion, I wonder.


    Simon Paynton

    Heaven is described in a rather bizarre way throughout the Bible in both testaments.

    Someone I know says, that heaven or hell is your state of mind.  This, we have some control over.



    If we one day completely replicate a person (consciousness and all) I’m sure it would give theologians a total field day with what that means (giving them a beautiful chance to fabricate answers to these questions as fast as their imaginations could generate them). Did we or did God create those new people? Do they have souls and would they be damned to our loving God’s eternal torture chamber if they refuse to buy the bullshit sold to them in the Bible? If we replicate a person 1000x are we being fruitful and multiplying?

    Oh, great, a new way to be a have-not. Being unable to get or afford to get your identity encoded for future resurrection.



    @davis – let’s give the theologians a break. Some of them are still working on the implications of cloning “Dolly the sheep”. I have often had conversations with theists on the ethics of creating “fronkeys” by genetically mixing the DNA of frogs and donkeys 🙂

    Does it matter which one is the male and female? It does when crossing lions and tigers, in one case you get a liger (male lion, female tiger) in the other case you get a tiglon. Ligers are gigantic, eminently capable of mayhem but are at the same time unusually docile.

    So maybe you could get donkogs in addition to fronkeys.



    I plead ignorance as to a great deal of the bible. Is there a description of heaven? Are there massage parlors, slaves, disembodied souls, swimming pools, forests, knights errant, dragons, coliseums where Spartacus shows off? Eternity is a great deal of time to kill. As Twain pointed out a harpsichord that never shuts up is no picnic by the lake.

    My understanding was that you spend all day praising God, which sounds more like Hell than Heaven to me!

    But maybe I’m wrong. Here is what The Good Book says. 



    That is really good line.

    Almost as good as when Woody explained his bisexuality: “It doubles my chances for a date on Saturday night.



    Fellow Unbelievers (Including fullermingjr who disbelieves Atheism, Greetings!)

    I say, in the words of Jim Croce, “it’s what we’ve done that makes us what we are.”  Therefore…

    Whatsoever or Who- does the do
    and goes through
    Scotty’s Twenty-Three Skidoo,
    like the Star Trek crew,
    give or take a few
    bits of sinew, spew, poo, or spoo,
    is all you.  Do you construe?  Word! 😎



    @theencogitationer“Froggy Went A’ Courtin’” or “Hot Monkey Love?”

    When they were young I trained them to blaspheme a different god each day. Recently I have heard the herd praying to some monkey god and all the little baby Jesuses. The chorus of their latest song is about prophesy and while I can’t quite fully make out the lyrics, it sounds like they are singing “Mr. Mugica is going to cover some right wing nutjobs in red slime”.  Let’s revisit this prophesy in a few weeks time. They are usually correct.




    According to Napoleon Dynamite the liger is also “Bred for its skills in magic.”  “GOSH!”🦁🐯🧙‍♂️


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