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    It will be just me, my 2 kids and my 2 dogs, lol



    Right now I’m mad at atheists and Christians both and just trying to figure out what I believe.

    If this is so, then you are basically mad at nearly everyone in the entire Western world. Having your world view and your ideas challenged is hard for many people, especially when you are outnumbered in a forum and most are highly skeptical of your world view. It’s very easy to mistake critique of ones claims as simple hostility or even a personal attack from the other party. Some people take an attack on their world view as an attack on who they are. To allow yourself to become synonymous with your world view will always lead to problems. A person is always more than the ideas they have in their head and cannot possibly be reduced to a world view. Getting a chance to face cold detached critique is a blessing. Having your world view challenged…is something not a lot of people have the privilege or opportunity to experience (especially if everyone around them shares that world view). And you can be certain that if you being to challenge other people’s world view, your arguments and critiques will be soundly picked apart and questioned. That is not necessarily because they feel attacked (they aren’t taking it seriously) or because they want to attack you personally for rocking the boat…it’s because they see the arguments as fundamentally flawed and want to work them out to their logical or illogical conclusion.



    The thing is Davis I’m really trying to work stuff out but I feel like when I express anything other than the status quo in either group to challenge the status quo I’m met with hostility. Not just here on AZ but at church too.



    @strega can I move near you??? Seriously….I need to get the fuck out of here

    Me too.  Lets all go live with Strega.   I do have a two year plan to get a cabin in New Hampshire or Vermont and winter down South. I think my girl is finally on board…



    @robert I’m totally down!!


    David Boots

    Talk away Belle we are listening.

    Moving can dramatically alter your perspective on the world. Some things you thought were a big deal just dont seem to be that important anymore!

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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