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    @unseen, I can show you hundreds of charts that would you show the earth is flat. That’s not the scientific consensus is it? You seem to gravitate towards the lone wolve contrarians. Guess what? They are wrong! If scientific consensus of 99:1 means nothing to you, how are you ever gonna make the best decisions. This is very much like the anti-vaxxers that died drowning in their lung juices as they begged for the vaccine. Too late loser, you did your own Joe Rogan research.

    So, Bjorn Lomborg is wrong and the world WILL end in just 12 years unless we sort our waste, become vegetarians, and all start driving $100,000 electric cars?. I’ll take a bet that it doesn’t, and the beauty of it for you is that if you’re right, you won’t have to pay. Make it $100?

    As for the vaccine skeptics, they were right more often than you might like to admit. Many got fired and their lives ruined and now some of them are suing to get their jobs back plus damages. Just a reminder of the shifting nature of Covid-19 expert advice:

    March 2020: No Need to Panic. The Flu is Worse
    March 2021: It’s Worse Than the Flu

    March 2020: Masks Aren’t Necessary
    March 2021: Consider Wearing Two

    March 2020: Asymptomatic Spread is Rare
    March 2021: 40% of New Cases Come From People Without Symptoms

    March 2020: We Don’t Think the Virus is a Threat to Young People
    March 2021: Oops!

    March 2020: We Don’t Think the Virus Stays in the Air for Long
    March 2021: If you don’t have a biohazard suit, wear an N-95 mask



    That’s quite the little straw village.



    That’s quite the little straw village.

    Yeah, bad yahoo click-bait articles written by non-scientists “interpreting” data. Once Trump politicized the virus every moron became a scientist. Mask shortages gave rise to advice to circumvent the shortages temporarily and of course this was cast as “see they don’t know what they are doing”, LOL. I had no trouble in figuring the best course of action. Neither of us has ever had Covid even our state is a hot spot and our local hospital had tents in the parking lot.

    The message to avoid the virus (spread by rebreathing water droplets in the air) was: get vaccinated, wear a mask and social distance when possible. Sorry, this is so complicated for so many Americans.




    Lomborg is not a fringe nut job proffering hare-brained concepts. He is former director of the Danish government’s Environmental Assessment Institute (EAI) in Copenhagen. He became internationally known for his best-selling and controversial books designed to reduce climate hysteria and offer more cost-effective and practical solutions to the climate crisis than the climate alarmists and activists offer.

    BTW, he doesn’t deny there’s a climate problem. Rather, he says, based on the UN’s own climate assessments, that we have time to work on practical solutions without doing so by giving up on economic justice for the world’s poorest and most disadvantaged people and nations.

    He founded and heads the Copenhagen Consensus Center, a US non-profit think tank based in Lowell, Massachusetts. The Center organizes the Copenhagen Consensus, a conference of prominent economists held every four years, where potential solutions to global issues are examined and prioritized using cost-benefit analysis.

    According to Wikipedia, the most recent Copenhagen Consensus titled the Post-2015 Consensus was held in 2015. It focused on the costs and benefits of the 169 global development targets of the United Nation’s Global Goals. The Post-2015 Consensus brought together an expert panel of economists including two Nobel Laureates who reviewed the research produced by the project and identified 19 targets that represent the best value-for-money in development over the period 2016 to 2030, offering more than $15 back on every dollar invested.

    Recently, the Copenhagen Consensus Center has refocused its efforts into nationally oriented research, and is currently working extensively in Haiti and Bangladesh, while also planning expansion to India, where it is partnering with high profile and influential organizations.

    It is YOU who are placing your faith in alarmists who have been wrong over and over and over again, and whose “solutions” would inevitably involve postponing addressing the economic injustices afflicting the world.

    It strikes me that you don’t even know his position. You only know that it’s not hysterical.




    Here for your dining, dancing, and popcorn-eating pleasure. 😁




    Nothing like Joe Rogan to be part of a reliable source of information.

    Uh, Joe Rogan introduced The Four Horsemen Dawkins, Dennett, Hitchens, & Harris to a popular podcast-listening audience and helped turn many minds to Atheism. Surely he is not the big asshole everybody claims.

    Note to self; Keep your Atheist activism disorganized and one-man. Relying on groups or popularity will just get you shiv-ed in the back.

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