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    There are some fairly bat-shit insane hotspots in the world right now (let’s exclude North Korea for obvious reasons). The places where the most outrageous laws are enforced, where mob violence and honour based cruelty is common cover countries from Senegal to Indonesia and most are quite culturally distinct. They are: Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Chad, Iran, Brunei and Bangladesh. All these countries have one very clear common thread and for me at least it’s very obvious what all these countries have in common. Is someone confident enough to venture a guess?

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    Could it possibly have anything to do with the followers of the Religion of Peace?



    Opioid and Obesity epidemics? Oh no, wait that’s us.



    No democracy and a gender pay gap…no wait…lol

    No democracy. Final answer

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    @Reg…North Korea???


    North Korea: let’s exclude North Korea for obvious reasons in the post.



    Atheism means a death sentence.


    Glen D



    You post implies having the death penalty for atheism is because those countries are Muslim, which they are.

    I think you might have put the cart before the horse. Another perspective might be:

    The causes of this behaviour are poverty  and ignorance together with pre Islamic tribal practices. These include female circumcision, “the modesty of women’ via the burqa and of course honour killings.

    What is being so mercilessly attacked is non compliance with social norms, because in a tribal context such behaviour threatens the group.

    As far as I’ve been able to tell, there is no such thing as a religion of peace or of war. I’ve mentioned this before:   Without exception, all religions reflect thee culture which invents them. They only way this claim could be false is if religions were formed by divine revelation.

    The intolerance  of outsiders  and tribal rule breakers has always been there. Religions exist because they meet many human needs. Those needs have always included  social cohesion and to justify any behaviour whatsoever. One’s chances of survival tend to be enhanced  as part of a group.

    Many apologist claim religions do a lot of good. This seems to be true, especially doing good for themselves.

    I do not advocate abolishing religion because they meet  needs which would still exist. Any replacement could well be worse. Or not.




    They are all countries opposed to, or the antithesis of “secular”. Several of those countries are not muslim. Burma is Bhuddist and Uganda is Christian. All these countries have used their predominant religions to dictate laws which either impose brutal punishments on victimless crimes like acts of LGTB love (all), renouncing your religion (most of those countries though not Burma), insulting their imaginary religious figures (all). And they also all use religion to justify brutal oppression of those of the non-majority religion. People would suspect that could be Pakistan and their persecution of Christians (quite bad) or Saudi Arabia where a Jew cannot even step foot (and non-muslim domestic workers who are raped are simply sent home). No. It’s Burma, the Bhuddist religious state and their assault on the Rohingna, a Muslim minority who have moved to India, where the Hindu majority have also started harassing refugees (even long term ones). With the exceptions of Brunei and Saudi Arabia (because of their dictators and their obscene oil wealth) all of these countries also have a lot in common…and the correlation between these qualities and their opposition to secularism can no longer be denied as a “mere correlation” any more:

    • Recent or current war
    • Poverty
    • Tribalist crime
    • Sexism, homophobia, racism and religious intolerance.
    • High infant mortality rate
    • Low education scores
    • Low levels of literacy
    • Unstable economies
    • Unstable political environments
    • Large number of refugees (fleeing and or hosting them).
    • A chronic stream of misery
    • A dirth of human rights
    • Limited personal expression
    • Extremely low levels of happiness

    It is, always has been and always will be about secularism (the toxicity of the poison of religion can be mostly/somewhat contained in truly secular states).

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