Did the Smithsonian cover up evidence of giants?

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    Michael, Snopes rated your giant coverup conspiracy “Satire.” Why are you bringing it up as supporting your case?

    I already said that the Smithsonian allegation was false but their actions give us no reason not to believe the story in    a previous post.



    Michael, there are better-produced videos “proving” that the Earth is flat. Medical science tells us that generally the taller people get the more fragile they are. You know, the same is true when it comes to giantism in dogs, Irish wolfhounds live about 8 or 10 years while a Yorkshire terrier can live to 16 or 18 years.

    Anyway, I’m still not clear what the link is between giants and evolution denial.


    For certain, but it questions whether we can remove the source of life or a creator out of the picture. What blows life into inanimate star stuff?

    Claiming it is a god that creates life is an argument from ignorance. Claiming to know that a particular god that you have a personal relationship with is beyond the bounds of reason.

    So can we remove gods as the source? It becomes a lot easier to when we stand on the shoulders of the giants of our previous generations. Immortality is for the race, not the individual. Beware the hulking giants.

    “Do you see over yonder, friend Sancho, thirty or forty hulking giants? I intend to do battle with them and slay them.”

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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