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    Physicists tell us that there’s nothing in the laws of nature we know requiring time to flow forward. According to the laws, time could shift into reverse (entropy be damned, I guess).

    If time were to flow backward, birth would simply be another event horizon the way death is. It would be lofically equivalent to death.

    To live forever, you’d have to pull off the trick of making time stand still, wouldn’t you? Immortality would be nothing happening at all.

    But that’s kinda like death, too, isn’t it?



    You just need time to oscillate within your lifetime. “Groundhog Day” like.



    You never feel more ALIVE than those occasions described as “time stood still.”



    I think the point is that death is even more real and foundational than time.



    So how do we know that time is not already reversed? Or better question, why would one call either direction forward or reverse?

    I’m trying to imagine how (say) science would work in reverse. Instead of making new observations and making discoveries, would scientists be working towards undiscovery? Or perhaps consciousness would disappear while in rewind, even eventually unevolving?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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