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    And this case involves religion in school events. The decision is narrow, true, but it portends things to come.


    It is even worse that that. There was another SCOTUS ruling last week that went unnoticed to some extend given what else was happening with gun rights and making women second class citizens again. It has the potential to dismantle secular public education in the United States, according to Justice Breyer. It certainly has the stench of aĀ  “slow creep to normality” attached to it. Here

    Linked earlier in this weeks Sunday School.



    I am good with religion. Really it is all the same to me. As long as they don’t try to proselytize me it is ok. Live and let live. That is how the religious folks are, right?

    The anti-theist in me says that theism represents wishing not thinking, hoping not reasoning, stories not facts, authority not empiricism. The universal human adoption of mythology suggests that humans are highly vulnerable to the influence of their elders and their culture. The conviction of the duped in the mysticism of the culture of birth suggests that early indoctrination is destiny for the majority; that it is only with the advent of secular cultures and access to information that the shackles are more easily broken.

    Preaching to the choir is kind of useless. But wtf? It is not like religion invades politics and has any real impact on the day to day lives of ordinary regular Joes. Dick Joe Ned Jack…locked up in coffins of black..



    I had a discussion with one of my nephew’s yesterday. He seems to think that given this decision, anything goes.

    I told him, not so fast, the court gave the coach the same right to pray that the individual students can exercise, and that only with further cases will the true implication come into focus.

    Off the top, I wouldn’t assume that it’s now okay to open a class in a public school with a prayer and it’s certainly not clear that a teacher could require participation in such a prayer, for example.




    Unseen, i am in agreement.


    I would agree too. I am not against children watching adults who think that they are in communication with their imaginary Creator of the Universe and are able to do so by kneeling down, straining their faces and using telepathy as the method of communication. I almost feel embarrassed for them. But it can help to make children see it for the delusion it is.

    When I stumble upon these pious individuals proselytizing in public, I will remind them of Matthew 6:5-6 – But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

    Unseen, if it is really is you, as the above verse states, can you give us a sign?



    Unseen, if is really is you, as the above verse states, can you give us a sign?


    I was expecting double digits šŸ™ˆ.

    This is truly unbelievable! šŸ˜‡šŸ˜‡


    Belle Rose

    I want out of the. US SOOOOOO bad!! Anybody know if I can claim asylum in another country? šŸ˜‚


    Anybody know if I can claim asylum in another country?

    Maybe you could apply to the UK for asylum on the grounds that your human rights are being abused by the State. However, they would send you to Rwanda to be processed. But that is OK because you would immediately have access to their Universal Health Care system which is one of the best in Africa, good accommodation, top class medical care, healthy food and very friendly and hospitable people. But you need to be to handle warm sunny weather for most of the year. Then change your mind when AOC becomes President at the age of 35 and get a free trip back.

    Snap out of it Reg!


    Belle Rose


    Rwanda, Zimbabwe, UK, Ireland (Iā€™m partial to Ireland), Honestly anywhere but here! We have a bunch of crazy literally crazy Looney Tunes running this country, I seriously do not think this country has anything good about it anymore.



    Autumn, please no nuance or analysis for Enco. He is resistant to any attempt to make him question his assumptions.

    Reg, that is some scary shit tracking menstrual cycles. That would be big brother on steroids.

    You bring up Rwanda. It is kind of amazing the apparent reconciliation between Hutus and Tutsis. That genocide was not so long ago. I think you may have had an article in re to women spearheading forgiveness and reconciliation. That is an incredibly remarkable and praiseworthy occurrence.


    That is an incredibly remarkable and praiseworthy occurrence.

    While I do lay a degree of blame on the Catholic Church for the genocide in Rwanda, they also helped with the reconciliation process.Ā  I won’t comment on how that is almost the epitome of irony and I won’t comment on the Catholic Church being a force for evil in the world. (Resist the impulse Reg or be prepared to rant for an hour!)

    But yes, full praise to the ordinary women for driving it. If Putin was a woman….as Boris Johnson just commented…


    @Belle Rose

    I am still considering moving to the USA for a few months a year rather than my usual 3 weeks. I think America is great! But I am anxious about where it could be in 2024 if the Democrats don’t toughen up and nobody is punished for the insurrection, which is unlikely given the what Cassidy Hutchinson has testified to.Ā  Remember this speech especially the last 5 minutes or so of it?


    Was that the only instance that you are aware of where the President threw dishes?

    It’s Not.

    Most excellent!! šŸ™‚

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