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    I want out of the. US SOOOOOO bad!! Anybody know if I can claim asylum in another country? 😂

    I’ve long wondered if Canada would some day have to open its borders to refugee claimants from the US. During Trump’s presidency, we had a situation where people were fleeing northward across the border, even in winter, but most of them were not American residents as far as I know. I don’t know how most of those cases were handled. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely (m)any countries would accept refugee claimants from American citizens or legal permanent residents as things currently stand. The expectation would probably be that you could move to another part of the country and still be relatively safe. Plus the refugee claims process may actually be harder than regular immigration or other visa types in some cases.



    It’s all so comical in a way…this being the year 2022 and people are still being led by the nose by purveyors of myths.


    Searches for “how to migrate to Canada” went up on the day Roe was overturned.




    My first impression after looking a bit into the coach and the Maine cases is that the SCOTUS rulings weren’t as broad as I first feared.

    As mentioned here above, already, what might matter more is how future cases similar to the coach case are ruled. I would expect to see more cases, or even more extreme cases, where religious practices at public school are attempted and tested.

    As for Maine, my preliminary assumption is that their laws were written too explicitly as anti-religion. I’ve not looked into these kinds of state laws, but I wonder if those laws should be written with less proscriptions, and more prescriptions. E.g. could religion not even be mentioned at all? Just prescribe minimum academic requirements for funding eligibility, e.g. some version of STEM and/or vocational curricula. (Albeit I don’t think that would fully address other issues wrt eligibility of funding for (e.g.) facilities or staff on a per-school or per-school district basis.)



Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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