Is The U.S. On The Way To Becoming A Fascist Dictatorship?

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    The plan is that America, with her allies, Russia, North Korea and our IT department, India; will attack and invade Europe, Mexico and China during the world cup final. Then we will make all y’all watch American football. What’s all this sissy crap, you can’t use your hands or run into anybody?



    Judith, can’t argue the list of goodies except…

    Authoritarianism as it manifests in political power is the item from the list most likely to be subject to defenestration by a fair judge of history. The revolution was just the beginning.  George Washington was in a position to accept kingship. He rejected it. There was immediate fear and concern  of central power.  The amendments to the constitution shed light on the issue.  The free exercise of religion and the prohibition against the gov establishing a religion is significant.  Further we have amendments assuring state’s rights. And the most cherished assures citizens that the government can not infringe their free speech.  Such a right is a direct acknowledgement of the danger inherent in authority.  The fetid and steaming dog shit of human misery and authoritarian government that was across the pond in Europe made it manifest how the USA would ameliorate the authoritarian examples.  The construction of the government itself with its checks and balances is again an acknowledgement that the founders rejected the European model of authoritarian governments.

    The generations of Europeans living here on the frontier and having to be independent changed the European paradigm.  In fact after the revolution there were local rebellions like Shays which reflected the resentment of taxes and various forms of imposition by the gov.  Locals wanted to act without government interference.  Even the amendment giving the right to bear arms is probably a reflection of the fear of the central government.

    The election of Trump has caused the greatest divide since the civil war.  Unfortunately it is true that Trump supporters tend to be stupid, racist, religious, myopic brain-dead and rabid.  But it is also true that his opposition here is freaked the fuck out and very AWARE.  So many Americans were in utter disbelief when he was elected.  It is also true that he very likely should not have won the presidency.  The forces of history have blown an ill wind to our shores.  Again Europe has shown us how depraved a government and its people can become.  May the history here opposing authoritarianism and elevating the machinery of government as an assurance of liberty and independence rise to the fore.



    Yes, pro-authoritarians and paranoid eschatologists brought big money, foriegn interests, internet-social tools, and advanced electoral college gaming to bear on apathetic masses. Apathy of liberals, and desperate victims of a new global economy propelled these apathetic masses to throw their wrenches in to the machinery of political imcumbencies. Bannon was the central mastermind in this manipulation of the American people. As he predicted, a kind of end-times was approaching, and so he invested heavily in also making it happen in ways he could both profit from and prophesize.

    A few years ago for Political Science I chose not to write a report on a book where the author predicted this movement toward authoritarianism, because he seemed to me to be too damned cynical and arrogant in his predictions. Yes, he made a good prediction, but no, this is not what the majority of Americans thought they were votong for, and I consider the whole election as a statistical fluke predicted accurately by few.

    I do see the sky falling here, and authoriarian forces around the world are recently, increasingly respecting and encouraged by each other’s political and religious patriarchires. (Cuddly One seems to be an exception, no?) But just as in Europe, I think the grassroots movements against populism and authoritarianism are newly energized. and formidible.

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    Yes….and I want out

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