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    Yeah, I have killed some time watching the porch pirates get bombed. (No, not Jehovah Witnesses but Amazon package thieves) They are funny and they all deserve it.



    Another anomaly in my area is the timing of ripeness of fruit. It has changed dramatically in the last 5 or 6 years.

    Black Berries, raspberries and blue berries and even apples i noticed last year are on different ripeness schedules by a month to a month and a half. That is almost surely related to climate change. And maybe trees are too…



    I don’t understand the enmity towards squirrels. I find em fascinating. Super athletic, crafty and industrious. Brain size may be a nut but it is brain to total body mass as one measure of capability. Robert you can perhaps make a shit load if you can create a good squirrel discourage mechanism to sell commercially. Cant remember exactly but some guy was on Shark Tank with his version of how to stop the squirrels. i think they rejected it. Maybe it involved electric shocks.

    A lot of squirrel deterrents are cruel and the squirrel eliminators are even worse. Of course, once one thinks of a creature as vermin abhorred by Man and God, there is no limit to the nastiness of death dealt.



    Back to weird shit. How about that time Luciano Pavarotti and James Brown sang a duet:


    Belle Rose

    How about that time Fluffy went to India?




    He is funny. Most of his Mexican vs. Indian observations were dead on. I loved the head gestures stuff in particular. I think he may have invented the part about the Germans, though. Those were not like any Germans I have known (and I was married to one for 14 years).




    I fully relate. I haven’t been on for a couple of days because I’m savoring the flavor of this great news story below!

    Basically, it was a spontaneous uprising of workers and customers sick and tired of not having nice things because of looting,which has been especially high over the last two years.

    With the conspicuous lack of God to mete out justice and police just minutes away when seconds count, these workers and customers took matters into their own hands!

    The first salvo of what may be The Realz Revolution just got televised! May it spread nationwide and even worldwide! 😁


    @Encog – Last summer I was chatting with a few of my neighbors when a kid came around on his bike to say that “some man” had just climbed over the back wall of the garden a few doors up. The owner ran in and dragged some junkie out who then threatened to “spike” us with a syringe (a not uncommon threat to give people HIV). Nobody called the police as my neighbor dealt with the situation and told him “this is what we do to thieves in Italy”. The junkie returned about an hour later in the back of a police car. He had reported the neighbor for assault and was demanding justice. He wanted to take us to court. The police began to interview us. We all explained that we had never seen “that fucking scumbag” before as part of our official statement. When the police asked the “Italian” for a statement he said “That scumbag must be on drugs” and showed the police his Estonian passport. The police grinned and agreed with us that the junkie was confuse and had the wrong address and then left.



    @Reg & Encog

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