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    This thread is for the wackiest shit you have been wanting to show but never had a reason to do so.

    I’ll start. How about that time American country and western icon Tammy Wynette sang lead on Justified and Ancient by the KLF, an early British EDM band.

    I wish I coulda been a fly on the wall when they pitched this gig to Tammy.

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    One, WWIII has already xome and gone (The Cold War.)

    Two, there is hope that The Russo-Ukrainian War may end on a less-than apocalyptic note. Putin and top Putineers are turning on each other:

    Russia descends into farce as paranoid Putin ‘arrests man who invented Putinism’

    Pip Cook

    Three, any reason is a good reason for a crazy entertainment break. The world we have now has multiple Shit Hits The Fan (SHTF) scenarios to choose from and a nental rest is required when you have a chance, so you can get back in the swing without fatigue. (Which was part of my point with my proposed Anti-Wokeism deprogramming.)

    But yeah. As time has gone by, music genres have morphed together and taken many new shapes and aounds. Some great, some not, some just strange.



    Okay, I’ll keep it going for now.

    Google tells me that a squirrel’s brain is about the size of a walnut, though it didn’t specify with or without the shell. Either way, a walnut-sized brain doesn’t leave room for much else.

    Here, a licensed mechanical engineer goes out to design a system (hopefully simple and elegant) to keep the local squirrels from feasting at his bird feeder, which he wants reserved for birds only. Surely, a human with a brain the size of dozens of walnuts can defeat some pesky rodents.


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    I hang our feeders from a galvanized fence post and apply about an 1/8″ layer of Vaseline. The squirrels don’t even try any more. They get to share the leftovers down on the ground with the doves, who are too plump to fit up on the feeder.


    Two squirrels visit my back garden every morning. They climb down from the trees in the field behind my house (not where the fronkeys live) and then up another that overhangs one corner of the back garden.  One jumps from the tree unto the wall where I put a variety of nuts and the other uses the climbing ivy (Ivy Hedera) to move about under it and just “appears”. Squirrel X likes cheap peanuts and Squirrel Y likes them with a mix of bird food* If I am late with their food they will sit on the wall and stare at me. I acknowledge that I see them and they exit stage left at warp speed. When they hear the backdoor slide shut they reappear and devour everything. Anyway, that’s my life these days 😊

    *Names changed to protect their identities in case the robins find them.



    You know, cats are famous for their agility and leaping abilities, but squirrels make cats, and even monkeys, look like sheer amateurs. Speaking of cats, squirrels can land on their feet just like cats but survive a fall from just about any height as well (no, obviously, not from the International Space Station). They do it by simulating Rocky The Flying Squirrel, flattening their bodies to increase drag. As the videos show, they learn quickly, too. Perhaps even more quickly than dogs. As for cats, who knows? Cats are known, only slightly tongue-in-cheek) as “the world’s worst animal test subject,” because they simply participate in tests only to the extent they don’t want to eat, sleep, groom, use the litter box, or stare out the window.

    But we cat people (cats don’t have owners, they have a staff) know they are very smart when it benefits them.



    Hollywood’s #1 inside joke—at least in the world of sound effects—is probably the so-called Wilhelm Scream. If you’ve heard it once, you’ve probably heard it hundreds of times, if not thousands. If you watch this montage, you’ll probably laugh out loud, and seemingly inappropriately, the next time you hear it.




    I don’t understand the enmity towards squirrels. I find em fascinating. Super athletic, crafty and industrious. Brain size may be a nut but it is brain to total body mass as one measure of capability.

    Robert you can perhaps make a shit load if you can create a good squirrel discourage mechanism to sell commercially. Cant remember exactly but some guy was on Shark Tank with his version of how to stop the squirrels. i think they rejected it. Maybe it involved electric shocks.


    About 40 million years of Evolution and then we come along and feed them.  Robot overlords??? I don’t so 🙂



    Not sure this qualifies as crazy shit.

    I am in the woods hiking a great deal. In the last two years the number of trees that have fallen is increasing at an alarming rate-so much so that i am half listening for trees creaking or cracking as i go along..

    Some of the trees are uprooted. Some break in the middle. I haven’t the foggiest the cause. I look for signs of parasites or disease and don’t see anything-not that i have any clue about trees or much else for that matter…


    Could it be that with so tree logging that the hills are not hold as much water as they normally did. Would you say that you notice that they are more distressed trees the higher you up you hike? Just a thought….no science to support it.


    I would like to have shared the breakfast buffet that Tammy and the KLF had before they had the idea for the song…..Tammy Wynette, Justified Ancients from MuMu Land, Ice Cream…..Yeah Tammy, Stand By Your Van!

    Sounds good, can I get a show of hands?? I think we need to be guided by angels if we want to stay crazy.



    Reg, no logging here. The distribution of fallen trees seems pretty consistent throughout the woods irrespective of altitude or anything else (not much of that here unfortunately Western Ma and Ct) And lots of trees snap in the middle. And they seem perfectly healthy. I have no idea what is causing it.


    Belle Rose

    @unseen!! YES!! The backyard squirrel ninja warrior is SO FUNNY 😆

    have you seen his video on the glitter bomb? 💣 😂


    I met a guy a while back on a flight to Northern Calif. He was telling me that he is now fully licensed to removed Redwoods and that there seems to be a increase in his workload (a family business)  over the last 10 years (not fire related) with more and more trees found to be dying earlier than expected. He was not sure of the cause.

    I would expect it to be Climate Change related.

    I do a lot of hiking in the forests in GA in the fall and winter and have not noticed anything like that….but maybe I will now that you have mentioned it!

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