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    I’m wondering what you all think

    Do prisons make people find jail house religion?


    Are more religious people the type to commit crimes and end up behind bars?

    It’s kind of a what comes first chicken or the egg type of question lol…

    I’m sure that some people just say they’re Christians in prison to get the bonus time out of the cell or whatever for Bible study…

    I am curious to know though if Jail house religion is genuine



    You wronged “we the people” but Jesus’s followers are right there to tell you are his kind of people, nailed to the cross next to his. And the parole board needs to know that you have seen the light. You just need to believe, that is all that really matters, Jesus suffered for your sins so go right ahead and do it again. We will build more prisons. It’s  a vicious circle.




    Simon Paynton

    I think people sometimes “find Jesus” when they’re at rock-bottom and need to turn their lives around.  Is it genuine?  i.e. does it stick?  There are anecdotal stories that often it does.



    I think people sometimes “find Jesus” when they’re at rock-bottom and need to turn their lives around. Is it genuine? i.e. does it stick? There are anecdotal stories that often it does.

    When a pedophile priest finally gets cuffed and sent to the big house, I wonder if he can turn to Jesus to turn his life around ?

    Maybe this pastor will find Jesus if he goes to jail, LOL. Never saw a guy chew his bottom lip off like that.




    Atheists are discriminated against even in the prison system as we only make up about 1% of the prison population. As usual the Christians are given the most cells and we are only left with a few. It must be because we have no moral code.


    Glen D


    I think believers are only ordinary people. (Most are VERY ordinary). They  believe for a lot of different reasons.**

    I guess some prison conversions are genuine. However, I understand prison authorities are suspicious. EG when a 3oo pound Hell’s Angel called tree trunk claims he has found Jesus.

    I’m sure some people  in prison really do change their lives due to a religious conversion. Malcolm X found Allah and Elijah Mohammed. That stuck and it killed him.. A cautionary tale.


    Officially, the  Catholic Church accepts that 25% of their baptised members will leave the Church  .I suspect that in view of recent scandal, that figure may be much higher today.

    I also think that accepting religious belief as a psychological crutch is common with believers  generally, not just prisoners who convert.  I have no idea  how much it sticks, with anyone.

    It is my perception that criminal gangs take the place of religion for many of their members.  Seems true of many US street gangs and especially true in prison .Eg The Aryan Brotherhood and Hell’s Angels.


    Thought for the day: “All generalities are lies” (anon)




    ** Why religion?

    Reasons include  facing the fear of death, imposing order and purpose on one’s ;life, and the illusion of control. Also a sense of belonging. The acceptance and support often found in religion can be very powerful

    It is my opinion that  human behaviour usually serves a function. This is especially true when such a behaviour or group of behaviours are universal. Some form of religious belief  or superstition is found among almost all human cultures and societies.

    It is my opinion that the attraction to the notion of the divine may be hard wired in human beings because at least at some stage, it has/had an evolutionary advantage, like a flock of birds or a school of of fish.

    Perhaps it is we atheists who are the aberration, not  believers. (?)

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