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    What do you think is going to happen with Trump’s announcement today to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital?

    I don’t honestly understand what the conflict is all about.



    How the Six Day War brought elation and despair

    This is a massively truncated explanation, Belle, from the BBC website – hopefully it answers your question regarding the origins of the dispute.  There should be links from that page too, if you’ve a mind to read further.



    Thank you Strega I will take a look. I’m your typical stupid American! lol



    Belle, there are no stupid questions.  I have always admired your willingness to open your mind, and ask for input.  I took some time to find you a short and simple summary with decent credentials :). Never apologize for your thirst to learn!


    Robert Fisk understands the politics of the Middle East better than most other reporters. He has lived in many of the “hot spots” there over the years. I also get Al Monitor news alerts which you may sometimes see in “Sunday School”. Trump has no understanding of the complexity of the  problem. It is like he is doing it to show that he is actually getting something done. It is a mistake.


    tom sarbeck

    Strega, I too thank you for the BBC article.

    Between the centuries of xian oppressions and the genocide attempted by Germany, the world owed the Jewish people a homeland. I don’t know if the world gave justice to the Palestinians.

    Trump is an ignorant bully, incapable of thought.



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    the world owed the Jewish people a homeland

    The Palestinian area has been occupied by outsiders for millenia. Palestinians went from having overlords from the Caliphate to the meddling Ottomans to slightly benevolent British Rule and now a pretty cruel Israeli occupation. I would say Palestine certainly deserved their own independent homeland too. Just when they had their chance….Europeans, after acting like cruel vicious animals to Jewish people, dumped their guilt on other people recompensed the Jews they had brutalised…by denying another people their own homeland (centuries in the waiting). Justice doesn’t even come close. The whole territory is a land with outside meddling fuck ups for endless centuries. No one really has a homeland there, by any reasonable definition of the word.


    Simon Paynton

    Trump hasn’t given any actual reasons for his strange decision, and apparently he shows no interest in whatever the consequences might be, and hasn’t even given these any thought at all.

    I heard somewhere that he’s fulfilling a campaign promise that was made to pro-Israel voters.  It also seems to me that he’s pleased as punch that he’s finally able to just do something big and powerful, unimpeded.  So, it’s purely and entirely for the benefit of Donald Trump, and he literally doesn’t care if the world fries as a result.  I imagine that yesterday was one of the best days of his life, and he went to bed with a huge smile and a big warm glow, dreaming very happy dreams.

    I imagine that playing casual power politics with the Middle East, as if it was a chess board in his living room, is also very appealing.

    Welcome to the frighteningly stupid and jaw-droppingly selfish world of the massive narcissist.



    We’ll have to see how it plays out. It may be that if Palestinian leaders see possible defeat on the horizon, they may come back to the table and make concessions that bring an end to the impasse. The opposite may happen, too.

    A couple things are for sure: 1) Americans abroad, whether working in embassies and consulates, or simply touring, will be in increased danger of kidnapping and murder; 2) terrorism will increase in general in every major Western country; 3)  terrorism will be used for more heavy-handed responses worldwide and for more severe immigration measures here at home.

    If there’s anything approaching an undeniable fact in this whole mess, it’s that the creation of Israel in the first place was—and excuse a bit of hyperbole here—a mistake of nearly cosmic proportions.

    That said, it’s too late to unring that bell.



    I really don’t understand how this is even still up for debate

    Forensic psychiatrist sheds light on Trump’s deteriorating mental state (WATCH)

    It’s so fucking obvious that Trump is mentally ill and I think he did this just to piss people off and try to start a war. I think he WANTS to start wars because he thinks it would be fun…

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