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    #MeToo means nothing

    Too little too late

    Me one, me too, me three you dumbasses

    Too much was already at stake

    The battle was lost centuries ago

    The culture let men have all the domination

    They took complete control

    Because of a few misogynistic Bible verses about submission

    Now the year is 2017, we should be over this somehow

    After all the years of talk about consent

    All these men should have known better by now

    But now this sexiest administration has a damper on progress

    It doesn’t matter what we say now, they’ll do anything to stop us

    So why go back decades and rehash all the past?

    The movement of #MeToo makes me sick.

    Nobody cares about how many decades ago you were harassed

    All you’re doing is putting yourself out in the open

    But your victim mentality is an insult to those of us who had to deal with it alone ‘n

    Don’t you know that nobody cares about your sob stories now?

    Even in the moment prosecutors wouldn’t of done nothin’

    Because we live in a time where men get away with just about anything

    Our own fucking president assaulted women and bragged about it on TV…

    The truth always comes out when you don’t think anyone is watchin’

    But he STILL got elected

    We need to get rid of men like him in power

    Not give them access to nuclear codes and give them everything they ever wanted

    But it’s going to take other men to help with the process

    But now with all your sob stories and victim mentality

    You’re oppressing the force that could rise up and and stand beside us

    What about those of us who were never heard in the first place?

    You make a mockery of our sorrows

    Shut up and get the fuck out my face

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    Simon Paynton

    I see other women letting off steam about this too, it seems to be stirring up a lot of anger over things that haven’t got fixed.


    tom sarbeck

    Belle Rose, I see a shitload of personal powerlessness in your Me Three opening post.



    Why Tom?



    Interesting perspective, Belle



    I’m kind of surprised that it looks like I’m powerless. I feel the opposite I feel more powerful now than ever, and I wrote it from a place of power but also a place of really being sick of it. I’m tired of every time I look at the news and pull up CNN I see all these faces of women who  are reporting that they’ve been harassed like back in 2004,… And I just think what the fuck are we supposed to do about it now? And why do I have to listen to your sob stories when nobody listen to mine when I was going through it? It’s not really seeming like its going to solve anything and make any real progress. To me it actually just makes them look like a bunch of whiners. And it makes me think that they’re just wanting attention. It’s like a chance to get on TV or something… “Oh yeah I remember when so and so touched my leg and yada yada!”….  anyway I’m just curious why it makes me look powerless. As of right now I feel like a fucking warrior. So I’m confused by that



    Or maybe it’s just the fact that you are seeing the Rose in the Belle  has grown a ton of nasty sharp thorns  LOL !  I just get really irritated with a lot of things now. I just don’t know why that seems to be having been going on for quite some time now. My threshold for bullshit is pretty much zero.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.



    I’m really trying to turn it into something positive and turn my anger into poetry instead of speeing it out in lots of nothings ….I think for the first time in my life I’m starting to really feel angry and I guess I’m just making up for lost time. So when I post poetry and it does seem angry don’t think there something wrong with me. On the contrary. be glad that my fire is finally lit.


    My threshold for bullshit is pretty much zero. I don’t know what’s wrong with me

    Absolutely nothing is wrong with you. Zero is the red line and anything above that you consider bullshit, is bullshit. If it is one point  or 100 points above that line it is still bullshit. The only difference is the level of the stench from it.!



    Hahahahahahahababaha!!! Thank you Reg!  I really needed to hear that. It’s something that just hasn’t gone away for a while and I thought something was wrong with me but… That’s honestly how I feel now. I’m really excited that my sister is on the bus as we speak coming up here and she will be here Tuesday. My threshold for bullshit of people pushing her aside  is zero also…. but it’s like I tell her to don’t mistake my kindness for weakness, so she has another thing coming if she think she’s going to abuse my hospitality.


    Simon Paynton

    I think the episode has been a game changer in some ways, in that it’s forced everyone [which means men] to look at what’s going on, and for a lot of men this could be a very uncomfortable process of confronting and questioning their own behaviour.

    Apparently, it’s also really really annoying for a lot of women, who maybe have had to put up and shut up and nobody cares.



    But that’s just it Simon. We’ve been talking about this for years and men know better. Men know what’s right and wrong. And there are lots of men who stand against it. But to me it just seems like  A bunch of whining. It’s not really solving anything. What I think would solve a lot is if there was a bunch of men’s faces on the news admitting and apologizing for their behavior. That to me would show real progress. But this? No. This is just more of the same  and honestly I just I’m sick of looking at it because when I try to read the news it’s like it reminds me of all the stuff that I’m trying to forget. I’m ready to move on with my life and not be constantly reminded of it.

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    And the fact is that man like Donald Trump will never change. He himself has assaulted women and he still president. What the fuck? That should tell you right there that we’re not a culture that is changing. If anything things are going backwards. And that’s what pisses me off

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    My response to having been abused and assaulted as a teenager and young adult went through several phases. The main one was denial.  As time passes I gain a clearer understanding of what happened. Strangely, I have some gifts from having been wronged so egregiously. I think the following attitude may have balanced on the edge of sanity and insanity at times, but at some point I internalized the spirit of “The best revenge is living well.”

    When Donald Trump “won” I felt re-traumatized, as did many others. I was crushed that he can seemingly get away with anything. I’m not staying in that spot though. To Hell with him! To Hell with all of them.

    Arch said to me once, “It must be tough, being glass and steel at the same time.”  For any of you who didn’t know Arch, that was the kind of thing he was wont to say. It rang true – he saw me as I am. I have been disregarded, used and abused in ways from which some people never recover. I’m fragile yet unwavering, transparent and knowable but with a tempered core.

    I forget this sometimes and feel like a victim again, powerless, angry and confused. Thank you Belle, for reminding me. Donald Trump will inevitably be brought down, either as a result of resistance against him or by the force that ultimately equalizes all – time.



    We three, we’re not even good company…my echo, my shadow and me.


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