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    David Boots

    I am a little disgusted that people address professional theists with special titles and I suggest that atheists refuse to participate in this nonsense.

    Very few other professions get a special title. Doctors. Professors. But these people actually contribute to society. I don’t respect these religious professionals and I want them to know it. I even refuse to capitalize any religion.

    I can think of some other titles I would use in an ideal world – pedophile, pervert, predator, opportunist, molester, terrorist and fanatic for starters.

    Anyone have other titles they can think of?


    Fraudster. A Doctor of Pretence, where they pretend to know things that they cannot possibly know.

    My favorite was the Hitchens quote about that vulgar “Reverend” Jerry Falwell whose son is regularly dry-humping President Trump’s leg.

    The quote is:

    If you gave Jerry Falwell an enema, he could be buried in a matchbox.



    The nuns in my school were sadomasochists.


    When I was 14 I once called a Christian Brother a “fu**ing dirty sheep shagger” after he hit me in a case of mistaken identity but refused to apologize to me. I refused to apologize for my language and got suspended for a few days from school. They let me back early to do the summer exams and I got 8 A’s, and scored 98% in the religion exam, the highest in the class. That really annoyed him. Turned out I was lucky as 10 years later he was arrested for child sexual abuse and at 14 I would have been about 6 or 8 years too old for him. About 2 years later a teacher asked me about it and I said “ok, I apologize for denigrating sheep”.



    Damn-awesome story, Reg!

    OK David, how about “Sheople Shaggers”.



    Being that we are pattern driven we need titles to attribute to particular patterns in order to identify, compartmentalize, and also simply to communicate.  It’s important, in my opinion, that we as a secular group be able to have titles that separate us from them.  Being that we are the minority in the world, our titles will be dictated to us by religious groups: not good. Of course I agree that we be very careful in not turning our views into a “religious experience”, however it is undeniable that certain religious groups do provide something that I think we are lacking in: creating a sense of community and purpose whether it be individually or collectively.  Just a thought..


    David Boots

    I do think that collectively atheists have allowed theists to dictate the nomenclature of everyday life. I really cringe when I hear people say ‘miracle’ when they mean lucky or fortunate. Or when they say ‘pray for’ when they really mean hope for.



    It’s in our language, “Would you bed Madonna?”  “Oh god no!”  We might swear and say, “Fucking hell!”  Etc, etc, etc.  Many Western societies were built by Christians.  As it is today, we of the atheist persuasion are in the minority and so we are likely to see children brought up in this verbal environment, thus perpetuating this sort of thing.  But you are right David, priests don’t deserve to be called ‘father’ or anything like that, a simple first name and last name will do.  Resist your programming!



    I do think that collectively atheists have allowed theists to dictate the nomenclature of everyday life.

    WRT strict vocabulary, I’m technically not an atheist, but an agnostic. I claim the label “atheist” because humanity needs to push back against theism as it exists today. I.e., yes, religion dictates nomenclature, but every culture dictates nomenclature whether or not the predominant tradition is religious in nature.

    I also want to own words like “spiritual”. Many atheists don’t like the word at all, because to them it’s a purely religious word. But I feel atheists will be able to acknowledge that spirituality can accommodate non-religious meaning, even if at first it’s only in a neurological context, e.g. a part or network in the brain that lights up when someone is feeling spiritual.

    Like when disrespected blacks took ownership of the n word.


    David Boots

    I agree and I would add that we can change this culture and that the change can simply be by not co-operating with the paradigm. Peaceful paradigm resistance!



    I call every religious ‘leader’ “Preacher man” after Aretha Franklin’s magnificent song – some of them don’t seem to like it, but hey, it’s kind of accurate 🙂

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