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    Fellow Unbelievers,

    Well, yesterday, I got my first Phizer COVID-19 vaccine, with the next one coming in 3 weeks! And all I had to do was go to the Pharmacy of a certain what I call Complicated Empire and ask!

    The Pharmacist Assistant said they had a free slot to be filled immediately, so I filled out the forms, giddlily took the vaccine, thanked her, and had no bad effects attributable to the vaccine!  I take regular vaccines, so I didn’t even have a sore arm!

    I was woozy some time afterward, but I chalk that to a sugar overdose.  A 30-minute ride on my stationary pedals cured that.

    No so-called “vaccine guilt” either!  I do feel like Robert Neville in the movie  The Omega Man surrounded by Matthias and his Zombies in “The Family”…but then again, I’ve felt like that since seeing the movie as a kid!”😁

    I highly recommend using walk-up-in-person-and-ask approach.  Apps are good at showing vaccine-available locations, but on available appointments, they are only as good as the data they receive and data changes fast with cancelled appointments.  (Adults, nota bene: This, of course, is true of any data on any site on the InnerToobz.)

    Three Cheers for Reason, Science, and God Damn Godless Free-Market Capitalism! (What’s left of it anyway!) 👍👍👍

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    We have appointments next week.



    Pretty good movie even though Heston is in it. I can’t ever seem to forget he is acting. I don’t know, did he get buried clinging to his musket?



    Balls to the wall capitalism.

    Keep drinking the capital kool aid. The exploiters are happy to have the exploited express satisfaction at their good fortune. Reason? Does that involve questioning your views? No issues with capitalism? okay



    Pretty good movie even though Heston is in it. I can’t ever seem to forget he is acting. I don’t know, did he get buried clinging to his musket?

    I’ve mostly forgotten his NRA and political activism legacy. To me, strangely, he’s a sci-fi actor and little more despite probably being more famous for Ben Hur and The Ten Commandments. Everything beyond Planet of the Apes/ Beneath the Planet of the Apes, Soylent Green, and The Omega Man is sort of noise to me. I think these movies were filmed during the time he started making his political flip, but that’s before my time.

    When I am Legend (movie) came out, it made me think about Heston and The Omega Man. I realized I had almost the opposite issue with Will Smith, who will always be first and foremost the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to me despite the fact that he’s actually done a lot of A-list sci-fi films.




    Lemmie get this straight:

    I come to a Pharmacy asking merely for a first appointment for a COVID-19 vaccination, not certain when, if any, are available, not certain how long the queue will be.

    I, instead, get my first vaccination, my second appointment, a 15-minute monitoring for any bad side effects, and a smiling, friendly Pharmacist Associate administering the shot, explaining procedure, and attending to me all the way…and yet I am being exploited???

    You have a very weird metric for what constitutes “exploitation.”



    My name is Jake and i am considered a flake.

    Oh hey Enco, do you suppose your experiences in procuring a vaccine shot is a fair sample of transactions enabling you to assess capitalism? I assure you that capitalism is responsible for a great many ills.



    I got Pfizer #1 with no side effect beyond feeling a little tired for a while and the expected injection site soreness.

    Shot #2 is reputed to be the hard hitter and that proved to be true for me, though the side-effect was rather unexpected: a very bad case of diarrhea that hit at about 5 a.m., causing me to get out of bed and run for the throne room at least four separate times. While the bouts were further and further apart, they did occur all morning.

    I checked and, yes, this is a listed side effect of the Pfizer vaccine.



    Fellow Unbelievers,

    I fulfilled my appointment to get my second COVID-19 shot at the “Complicated Empire” Pharmacy.

    Once again, no wait, no muss, no fuss, no pain in the arm, no guilt for my existence.  I am happy to help extend human life expectancy and get life back to the Old New Normal and hopefully to a New Excellent.

    Oh, and I should add, there were others such as myself getting the vaccine too.  The waiting area had several people, but we all got the vaccine quickly and just as quickly cleared out as fast as the observation period ended, ready to get back to living and enjoying life.

    On last check of the news, supply hasn’t been a problem in the U.S., nor have locations been a problem (mostly private clinics and pharmacies.)  The main problem has been people who either don’t get the vaccine or who get one vaccine dose and don’t follow through on the second.  Operator error by the body owners, not a systemic problem.

    I have been exhausted lately, but not from the vaccine.  This exhaustion is because for the past 6 weeks or so, I have been working overtime in the place of workers who got their stimulus checks and decided to “call in scared” i.e. “I’m afraid I’m not coming into work.”  It has me too busy practicing free-market economics to do much preaching, but rest assured, I’ve not forgotten.

    The money from overtime work is great, but it does lead to things going neglected around the abode, so I’m glad for this first week where I have two days straight off.

    I’m celebrating my vaccine by getting two injection bandages for my arm, forming them into the infinity sign, and displaying them for all to see.   Maybe the local Q-Anon-ers will hiss and avert their eyes like Vampires before garlic Crucifixes. 😁

    It’s a little step along the way to actual immortality and a giant step away from hog’s-jaw-dog’s-paw Leviticus “cures” and the Gospels’ dead-fictitious-carpenter-on-two-sticks.

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    Tomorrow will be the two-weeks after shot number two for us. I think an outing to the beach is in order. I think we will still avoid indoor places since there are so many statistically challenged knuckle draggers breathing the common air.




    (Have you changed your online handle?  Please let me know what you prefer and I’ll go with it, no law required.)

    Charlton Heston also played Michaelangelo in The Agony and The Ecstasy as well as Thomas More in A Man for All Seasons. He was pretty versatile as an actor, whatever one may think of his ideology.

    Planet of the Apes also had many moments that satirized and lambasted absurdities in the human condition like religious dogmatism:

    Cliched thinking:


    And, of course, the possibility for self-destruction:

    Will Smith is a great actor in his own right too, not merely as a different iteration of Robert Neville, but as a different iteration of James West in The Wild, Wild West. Here, he gives Wokesters a wonderful lesson in how to under-cut hurtful words:

    He also gives a fitting welcome to space locusts in Independence Day:

    His rap videos also were a perhaps inadvertent pioneering salute to androgyny and fluidity in gender:

    There is always more than meets the eye in actors.  With anywhere being the new Hollywood and anyone with a cameraphone being the new George Lucas, even more people have the opportunity to showcase talent without getting typecasted.

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