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    Is it possible that the Sun has an effect on the Earth’s climate? Discuss.



    The sun’s been driving climate for billions of years. It’s physically impossible for anything on Earth to have more of an impact. I think I know what you meant to ask in the survey, but I won’t take it as worded so imprecisely.

    Even the statement on CO2 is ambiguous. Of course it’s good for plants, but “good for all life on Earth”, what does that mean? Quick answer is No, e.g. higher ocean acidity is killing coral reefs, while many species are forced to move north to cooler waters and lands. Do rising sea levels mean “good for all life” on coastlines? How about unprecedented, severe hurricane seasons?

    More and healthier plants yes, good, but if the Keeling Curve remains unabated, we’re heading suddenly further and further into steeply rising CO2 levels, while already the current level has not been seen on Earth in millions of years.

    Sunspots seems to me to be a side-issue, but I’d be happy to look at evidence to the contrary. I don’t see enough focus here on actual issues, except maybe in the direction you might want to lead us. Are you suggesting that sunspots have suddenly increased to levels higher than they’ve been in millions of years?

    On a positive note, it’s good to see deniers finally admit that warming is real.



    Is it possible that the Sun has an effect on the Earth’s climate?

    I don’t get the conspiracy angle? Who are the conspirators?


    A conspiracy arose from an incident at the Sunspot Observatory in NM a few years back but I don’t think even QAnon pay attention to it.


    Glen D

    Sorry, the questions need work  I think.

    It is because of our sun that there is life on this planet.

    Human beings have little if any impact on the planet long term. Our behaviour is making our planet uninhabitable for our species and probably quite a few more.  We may be the agents of our own extinction. Wasn’t aware ther is still a debated about that reality.

    If the earth’s mean temperature increases by only a few degrees celsius,  humans will become extinct because food crops will not grow, nor the fodder  needed by other animals.

    Imo human beings are not as robust a species as we like to think. We haven’t been around very long. I suspect we will never be as successful as truly successful species such as sharks and crocodilians

    Co2 is part  of our ecosystem. However, humans produce more than is healthy for that eco system.

    I’m a bit bemused. I was under the impression that man made climate change was established science. I don’t understand the purpose of the poll

    Re conspiracy theories generally”: It is possible to keep a secret known only to three people ,two of whom are dead.

    I do accept that there tends to be collusion within industries: Fuel companies, big tobacco and probably big pharmaceutical companies. I’m sure there are many more .

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