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    Nerdy Keith

    ‘Suppose It’s All True’
    In my previous post about the Irish blasphemy law, I spoke about a particular question Stephen Fry was asked. That question was “Suppose it’s all true?”

    So in a hypothetical scenario what would you say if you came face to face with the biblical god at the pearly gates?

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    Tom Sarbeck

    Nerdy, after 12 years in Catholic schools I freed myself from its fictions. Imagination knows no bounds so I ignore hypotheticals.

    Maybe, after you expound on “Suppose it’s all false.”


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    If it were all true, I would gallop away on my tame unicorn and go live with the Fronkeys in Reg’s back yard.  We would feast on rainbow loaves and cuddle with the flying elephants that visited.



    @strega ROLMFAO!!!!!



    Then I get to say  HA! I told you so 😉 lol jk


    Nerdy Keith

    @strega what a perfect answer haha

    @tomsarbeck as an ex-Catholic I can relate

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    Lol @bellerose that’s the irony of it really.  You can imagine being able to say,”told you so” whereas conversely, an atheist cannot.  Wouldn’t it be funny if I could imagine saying that, when I’m firmly of the opinion that we simply return ‘to dust’ and that no religious person will ever ‘find out’ that they were wrong.



    Oooh good point Strega. I was really just joking tho.


    Everyone is welcome and the Fronkeys’ are good company for unicorns. I have started them on a fish diet to lose some weight so thanks for all the fish, whoever it was that delivered them. Anything is allowed once it can be taken to excess every so often. All AZ members get free B&B and there is always a free room. The big room hidden out the back away from public view is for Catholics as they think they are the only ones allowed in. They are only allowed out when they find the black cat that is not there.



    @bellerose I know you were joking, you just happened to enable me to make that point 🙂

    Reg, if any of those Fronkeys reject the fish that those dolphins sent over, you could always give  them to the Catholics on Fridays.  I suspect ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ would also be willing to help, an unusual characteristic for such a cat.

    Incidentally, I checked into your hotel room once, it was quite nice but they never seemed to have enough cleaners, they were always ‘just next door’.  I checked out again, but discovered that whilst that was possible, I could never actually leave….



    Could I join you with my herd of lovely unicorns? They are quite well behaved.


    I suppose Strega that I could give the Catholic fish on Fridays but they are in that dark room looking for the black cat that isn’t there (she is on gate duty). The next time they shout “found it” I will take a wet fish to them all right!


    Of course Jade. The door is never locked. I just hope they are not too well behaved. We tend to live by our moral code of doing whatever we please. Nothing like a blushing unicorn to send a fronkey all a quiver!



    If it were all true, I’d have to ask “why?”.

    • Why intervene so regularly in the biblical story times, but then nothing for 2000 odd years?
    • Why make some people gay, but also condemn them for being gay?
    • Why communicate to your creation (only) through a couple of books?
    • Why communicate to your creation at all?
    • Why have this weird situation where you simultaneously allow “free will”, but also have your own plan predestined to occur?
    • Why not regrow lost limbs on humans?
    • Why did you create Adam and Eve specifically WITHOUT a sense of right/wrong, then tell them it was wrong to eat the fruit of knowledge?
    • Why not just forgive them, rather than casting them out?
    • Why did your forgiveness require a human sacrifice (of yourself/your son)?
    • Why is your forgiveness dependent on our faith?
    • Why is faith so important to you? What is it about mindless sheep that is so appealing for an omnipotent god-being?
    • Are rhinos the real unicorns from the bible? Or are/were there other unicorns?
    • Why is the bible SO contradictory in so many places/ways?
    • Why not do something to convert those other religious people (muslims, buddhists, etc)?


    Not perfectly behaved Reg. They get up to no good when they think I’m not looking….hahahaha…..



    Excellent questions Matt.

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