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    Gandhi and Mother Teresa have been exposed to be, well, jerks. And sometimes very bad jerks.

    It’s time to take a skeptical look at the Dalai Lama. Is he a master of Buddhist selflessness and compassion or a master self-promoter who’d like to kick the Chinese out of Tibet in order to take the country back to its medieval ways? (Which, BTW, ain’t gonna happen.)

    Tibet now has paved roads, running hot and cold water, flush toilets, and KFC. l’m no fan of China and their takeover of Tibet was brutal, but I wonder how many Tibetans really would prefer to go back to living under the Dalai Lama?

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    only religion could have someone take a petrol shower and light it off. screw the lama.



    When your daily life is better after the PRofC invades and takes over, that really says a lot. Contrast with Hong Kong.





    I really gotta get me a robe and walk around saying shit like “to be good is human”. Next thing you know I’ll have a palace and servants.


    Daniel W.

    That Penn and Teller video was the first thing Ive ever seen about how bad the theocracy of Tibet before the Chinese dictatorship took over.  It’s like choosing your poison.  I want to read more.


    I am troubled, however, to see that Teller has no genitals or body hair.  That poor man.


    At one time I wanted to raise a type of Peruvian ruminant, which some people in my area do, just so I could name it Dolly Llama.  Does that make me a bad person?  🤪


    Dolly Llama. Does that make me a bad person?

    Only if you are listening to music by Loose Windscreen. (my bad).

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