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    tom sarbeck

    Re capitalizing the g-word

    Besides rationalizations, there clearly are hard-to-break habits of mind.


    Simon Paynton

    capitalizing the g-word

    It’s just a convention so that we know which god we are referring to: the Abrahamic one.


    tom sarbeck

    Simon: “just a convention” makes it a habit of mind for people who were once, and who still are, emotionally committed to one of the Abrahamic gods. Which one? They do differ.

    I associated with pagans for a time and found reason to prefer their environmentally aware gods. How many other gods does your preferred Abrahamic god exclude?







    I think Simon is referring to the research done here. When he is referring to Big God.

    The Centre for Human Evolution, University of British Columbia.



    Anyway its interesting stuff!



    Come on clearsky..Let’s talk about being “prosocial”

    We have the “Dark ages” vs the Enlightenment/age of reason

    We have the American South vs the North on civil liberties

    We have the “off the hook spirituality” of say Monrovia Liberia or Haiti vs say Scandinavia. Do you really need a lame social study conducted by the mundane to see the inverse relationship between irrational belief systems (including secular ones) and prosocial behavior?



    I can go on for days, now bend over, the good father wants to give you communion.

Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)

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