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    Thanks Davis



    For what reason do so many here capitalize the g-word?

    To differentiate it as a proper noun from our more generic god or gods.

    Like Allah. Albeit purported as “the same god” as God, ’tis modern parlance, even when fictional and redundant. And redundant. And repetitive. In modern parlance.

    Some speaketh like others, to mock and scorn. Some to become one of the flock. Of sheep. Or pendanticists.



    Good points there.  (Jakelafort)
    I was listening to a podcast about political motives. Anyway the person was saying that loosely you can divide politicians into 2 types.

    One is the person who is driven by conviction to do politics that they want in someway to improve their society. Like MLK, Nelson Mandela, Dr Ambedkar. Mother Theresa.
    The other type is the career politician who is in it for the rewards of the position. Money power, prestige.
    I agree with you, if somebody ( even if incorrectly) believe in something by conviction then in some ways they are less blameworthy. Compared to the person who is in it for material gain.
    For example I sometimes see old ladies going round posting religious magazines. They are probably doing it by conviction. Or collection for Christian aid, Or Church soup kitchen etc.
    This is very different to a career minister on TV some who are basically Millionaires. Through donations by people of  faith. Ripping people off asking for donations to fill up their own accounts.
    The worst thing is some of those people in the audience are there because they are really desperate. Possibly from a severe illness like terminal cancer, or suffered a loss like a bereavements. To use ordinary people suffering in that way lacks (in my opinion) moral integrity. It’s even going against core Christian values?

    Some of them validate their status with academic titles.. Dr../PhD..
    I don’t have a problem with people making money, in a free market economy & democracy. I just don’t like the idea of the vulnerable & suffering in society being used for personal gain.

    OK if you become a billionaire by selling shoes fine people need shoes!

    What useful commodity is the TV pastor selling in return for your money?

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    Have a read of the first story in this weeks’ Sunday School about “tithing”.



    Thanks Clearsky.  Ya may want to read about Mother T.  The way her name is bandied about ya might think she was a regular mother theresa.

    And yeah in politics there are a minority who are entering the fray hoping to improve things.  With priests it would be interesting to know what percentage are rubbing their hands in anticipation of the riches to be atained….mmmm litttle boys to molest!….little girls to rape…and my duties in terms of work less than would be demanded of me in a secular job.   Think about the protection afforded to priests and nuns when only now  or very recently have the revelations of shocking abuse been made public.



    As Jake said, mother theresa had her own agenda when it came to politics. She gave voice to any politician who advocated against abortion. She accepted donations from the most crooked politicians. Her goal wasn’t to make life easier or better for others. She didn’t dispense a remotely reasonable quantity of painkillers and provided less than adequate medical care.

    This was the order of importance for her:

    • Serve God
    • stop the abomination of abortion
    • Get funding for the charity
    • Have people accept christ before they die or at least prepared for the afterlife letting this life go in peace and forgiveness
    • Tend to their medical problems
    • Provide sufficient nursing care
    • Relieve their pain
    • Sufficiently deal with the causes of poverty in Calcullta

    Serving God comes well well well before helping end the kind of poverty that generates the kind of suffering she portrayed as a crusader to stop. God and abortion and funding were at the top of her mind. The sense of some relief patients got…was certainly emotionally satisfying and a sense of achievement…but not the purpose or goal. Serving god was.

    When I was in Calcutta I visited her hospice. I admired her for her work as at the time, it seemed for a secular person that she simply provided a caring service where religion was incidental to the help she offered. I had read a ghost written book by her which virtually said the same. Then I read Hitchens Biography of her as well as the accounts of many nurses and visitors/inspectors and I was horrified I had ever set foot in the hospice.

    I think she was in it for an agenda AND for the money and none of it was driven by making the world a better place but for doing God’s work regardless of how dirty the money was or who suffered.




    For @toms in particular, I submit “Fruitcake Mathematics.” (This video is in an article among the 2018-09-16 Sunday School links.)

    It’s a Fruitcake, all the way down… and it might be bouncy.




    I have changed my belief about Mother Theresa.

    I saw the YouTube video by Christopher Hitchens

    In some ways its a bit sad that the reality does not live up to the image.







    tom sarbeck

    PB, re fruitcake: I like the pic.



    It gets even worse for Mother Teresa’s charity as they are under investigation for selling babies. Even when they had millions in the bank they were happy to allow children die from lack of medicines or proper nourishment. She was not bothered by it because she was a lover of misery and saw it all as par of her god’s plan. It was justified in her god deluded mind because there is no poverty in Heaven.


    I would like to berry any currant notions that you are a raisin about fruitcakes even if it’s not completely nuts.



    I would like to berry any currant notions that you are a raisin about fruitcakes even if it’s not completely nuts.

    Perhaps Mother Teresa was just floundering for the halibut and not really an evil sole on porpoise. OK, I’ll stop before you get a haddock.


    tom sarbeck

    Unseen wrote: “That energy and matter are two different states of one thing is a fact….”

    ’Tis an Einsteinian fact, supported only by his thought experiments. The support they provide exists only in the minds of those who worship at his altars.



    tom sarbeck

    PB and Simon, in my not-very-humble (ergo non-theistic) opinion, explanations for capitalizing the ‘g’ in ‘god’ are more rationalization than reason.

    Contrary to the widely-believed rumor, and your ambitions notwithstanding [:>)], inheriting the earth requires something more than humility.




    explanations for capitalizing the ‘g’ in ‘god’ are more rationalization than reason.

    I think most grammarians would disagree with that, but I do share an emotional appeal to rid the world of the capitalized God word, and I’d rid the world of those presumptuous scriptural texts that get capitalized like The Bible, The Koran and so on. It’s all good, really… God is dead. Or better, God never existed. We need to say these things.

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