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    Close enough.

    Glen, I think that was awesome because of how it reinforces something that’s been on my mind, and something which is new for our times.

    There’s real power in reading lips, especially for me, who had to rewind movies so often or even slow them down to understand the words as spoken or sung. My kids hated me doing those rewinds! Once I lived by myself I could replay like crazy. (This is turning increasingly off topic, so anyone can skip this post. Anyway…) Strangely, I’ve gotten better at hearing words as they were intended, ever since I’ve pretty much overcome my severe social phobia, so I think there’s a connection there… in fact I could rarely even look directly at people, even when they were speaking.

    Now “the thing that’s new to us” is Zooming for communication, and the poor quality of some people’s microphone savvy makes me have to rely again more on lip reading. Also, there’s one guy in one of my Zoom groups who just got a cochlear implant and keeps asking some people to show more closeups of their face while speaking. He always understands me, but I pay more attention to good placement of good microphones, and my webcam + lighting are always pretty good.

    What triggered this post, for me, is how Peter Kay’s lip syncing took priority over what I was actually hearing. Also, of course, speaking those words he chose before playing them primes us to mis-perceive them in audio.

    Wait, lemme bring this around back somewhat to the topic, about Trump: He is darkly masterful at making ambiguous statements that can be easily construed as incitements. (Or premeditated triggers for snowflakes, as some of his ilk might be thinking.)

Viewing 61 post (of 61 total)

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