What are all the reasons you don’t believe in Jesus?

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    Zeus used to shag anything that moved, livestock included, and created a host of Demi-god heroes, all with splendid tales of achievement.  The Christian god got ONE chick pregnant, apparently without even having sex, and we still never hear the end of it.



    I believed in Jesus for about 23 years. I thought he was my best friend. Other people talked about the Holy Spirit leading them in this or that, and about God speaking to them through this or that, but I felt like it never happened to me. I was supposed to have a “Personal Relationship with Jesus,” but it was like no other relationship I’d ever had—a relationship where one party never communicates with the other, and lives more like an imaginary friend.

    Finally it became clear to me that if there were a real god in the world, he would leave evidence of some kind. The fact that I didn’t see evidence didn’t mean there was something wrong with me; it simply meant God was not there. I wrote a lot more about that here: https://thephyseter.wordpress.com/2014/02/28/my-journey-into-atheism-part-1/


    @physeter – I am looking forward to reading it because I know it will be honest, lucid and difficult to argue against.


    A. Clemens

    I describe Jesus in my book “The Greatest Scam Ever Sold” as a scam artist who went around staging fake miracles the same way faith healers do today. Lazarus was a shill who pretended to be dead.  The Apostles were part of the scam operation, and of course four of them wrote the Gospels, describing fake miracles.  The Romans crucified Christ for being a public nuisance.  The Apostles bribed Roman guards to let him down off the cross before he was dead.  The reason people can’t figure out the obvious is because Christian mind control techniques are some of the most powerful forces in history.  Even though many do not accept Jesus as a so-called God they still can’t overcome being brainwashed to get to the real truth about Jesus and his scam operation which continues on until today and takes in over a billion people worldwide.


Viewing 4 posts - 91 through 94 (of 94 total)

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