Who's more insane, Cenk Uygur or the Democratic Party?

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    Cenk Uygur sees the Democrats steering the country toward a Trump presidency.

    Because Biden is losing to Trump in the polls, Biden needs to be forced out. Cenk Uygur jumps in, hoping to open things up.




    To answer your question, yes. 😁



    Unfortunately, Biden’s approval numbers are only marginally better than Trump’s. Though I think Trump’s numbers can’t improve while Biden’s can, but even if they do, that’s not enough to translate into votes. Coupled with the fact that Trump has better odds of winning with a lower percentage of the popular vote, I think it’s fair to be upset with the situation.

    I suppose the only two advantages Biden has are that his name is known and that the manner in which he is hated may be more tepid than the manner in which Trump is hated. Though by the same token, the manner in which he is approved of is almost certainly more tepid than the manner in which Trump is approved of.

    No matter what candidate the Dems run, at this point they’re likely going to have to rely on anti-Trump sentiments to call voters to action. I don’t think they can build a candidate who is an answer to Trump in the time remaining run up until the election.



    Trump may be in an orange jumpsuit.



    Biden is slurring his words. Struggling to emote. It is sad.

    Trump is transparent.

    What a commentary. Can’t picture candidates being this bad. Well, ya i guess i can.



    I’m not sure why the second of the two videos above was marked “private.” It wasn’t when I viewed and chose it. Let’s try this one where Cenk answers questions about what he would do as President.

    You have to admit, I think, that between Cenk, Biden, and The Trumpster, Cenk is better spoken and seems like he can speak an entire paragraph of standard English without a) stumbling and/or losing his train of thought or b) saying something nonsensical, ignorant, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, or paranoid.



    His biggest problem (among several) may be his very oddball name with a “C” that’s pronounced like a “J” and with a “Uy” that’s pronounced like the letters are reversed. “Jenk Yugur.”

    Another problem is that he’s totally out of left field for many Americans. But…that’s what won Obama the presidency. People were tired of “the same old same old.”

    If the American public is tired of only being able to choose between Biden and Trump, Cenk might be what they’re looking for. Cenk or someone with a familiar Irish name beginning with “K.”

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