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    Simon broached the budge phenomenon. Will a little nudge cause a budge? Will a great big push transform a theist into a thinker or will the theist be ever the stinker? Won’t budge, stuck in sludge.

    Handicapping horse races is a discipline that has so many unchallenged rules but if one is to be successful one must evaluate the evidence not religiously adopt false wisdom. I have seen so many mindless followers who bet horse races. They espouse the same tired and false ideas. And when they lose they scapegoat the bejesus out of the jockey or any convenient mark. For instance i had always read/heard that horses who are making big class drops in company will either win by a mile or run up the track. It is an idea with obvious appeal. If the superior horse is in one piece he figures to trounce the company. But if he is hurting too much his injuries will prevent him from any kind of decent run. But experience taught me the drop in class theory was bullshit. Kept seeing big droppers run second and third. So it turns out those droppers are compromised but good enough to hit the board. It is constant analysis in handicapping horse races.

    Unfortunately humans tend to be budge resistant. So if you get a reason-based and persuasive nudge it is time for us humans to budge. Yeah that might happen. Next universe.




    I went looking at the various philosophical schools and always found certain ideas I agreed with and others that didn’t resonate. Same with political parties. At least I took some time to understand and evaluate all the ideas. I aligned well with most of the Epicurean ideas and of course the common descriptions of their reasonings is off the mark.

    I think your “philosophy” should be flexible and it is beneficial to be able evolve to fit the changing environment. Don’t become another hard-headed ideolog. They die in droves on hills that exist only in their fucked up minds.


    Simon Paynton

    I think your “philosophy” should be flexible and it is beneficial to be able evolve to fit the changing environment.

    I definitely think that philosophers should be flexible enough to listen to new facts that come along, and to change their philosophy if necessary.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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