Will authoritarianism become the New World Order?

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    Sorry, but I’m afraid that China will win, and Hong Kong will lose. What can we do, if anything?

    I found this Frontline episode on AI very enlightening, and start it for you an hour and 23 minutes into it. If you’d rather just see what China seems to be up to in AI and how they hope to run their country and then the “eastern world”, skip further (and possibly beyond),  to here.  (I watched the whole episode and felt it was well worth the time.)


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    A depressing ass video that highlights the Darwinian survival of the fittest economy we have. The essence of any relatively free market is change. People who are complacent get caught. The idea that society will all share in the fruit of machines and enjoy a life of leisure was probably unrealistic. More likely is that only a few get to enjoy massive wealth.

    Perhaps the most dangerous robot will be the AI human partner/sexbot. If a virtual partner is so real and programmable to be the ultimate, what will become of human relations?



    While people have spoken about fearing how AI might take over because AI might learn to act per its own, non-human “motives”, I’ve said for years that the most imminent threat of AI will come from how its specific owners and builders will decide what to do with their AI. This depressing ass video is the first support I’ve seen for that notion, in that Chinese leadership not only already has their authoritarian endeavors assigned to AI, but wants to export it to other countries and (imo) will likely try to dominate those countries just as they dominate their own.

    The future of humanity’s freedom on this planet is at risk, even without AI-run war machines, at first. And… those who own and run AI will also determine how “equal” other human beings will be allowed to be, including if/how they should even be paid for work or busy-work. Such dystopias can breed underground groups of destructionists, especially in countries where surveillance is restricted by law. I expect an onslaught of science fiction books and movies on this theme, some even calling out China directly, and perhaps calling for more surveillance or self-policing in traditionally “free” countries.

    I’m feeling dystopian and apocalyptic right now. I have to work on that and think more constructively.



    China is ‘1984’ incarnate, just a bit late.



    It sure is starting to look like authoritarianism is on the rise. And especially if Putin gets The Ukraine.

    “Russia can be either an empire or a democracy, but it cannot be both. . . . Without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be an empire, but with Ukraine suborned and then subordinated, Russia automatically becomes an empire.”

    Zbigniew Brzezinski

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    Simon Paynton

    I am reading a really interesting paper about so-called “dark” personality traits, and how they all share in common a lack of empathic concern for others and they go in for flourishing at others’ expense.

    These are the people who become authoritarian leaders.  Why do they get so many willing followers?  Why do otherwise nice people flock to these charismatic tyrants?

    What conditions breed authoritarianism?  One is nationalism and the fighting between countries (or coalitions) over resources.

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