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    If “Critical Race Theory” is misunderstood, it is the job of the proponents to make it understood. And since the controversy came up in the context of schools, yes, contrary to the cliche of SJWs, it is the job of teachers to educate and make themselves clear.

    This assumes there is some level of willingness to understand on the part of the audience, or at least a sincere desire not to misconstrue.

    But if “Critical Race Theory” is as I understand it, then it is a real problem and the proponents are still the source. “Critical Race Theory” is a problem because it makes everything about “race”…

    Critical race theory doesn’t make everything about race any more than entomology makes everything about insects.

    and “race” should not be a consideration in any rational human endeavor, not education, not thought, not science, not culture, not business, not non-profit endeavors, not everyday human relations, not government or laws, nothing. I’m not part of the crowd who says “There Oughtta Be A Law…”

    But it has been, historically, and that’s led to the current system. There isn’t a way to stay in the current system and just say, “Race shouldn’t be a factor” when the status quo hasn’t been rectified.

    Everyone in a school, from the custodian to the principal to all teachers and students in between is an individual, not a member of some racial or tribal beehive collective. All thoughts, words and deeds are chosen by and belong to individuals and individuals should to be judged by those exclusively, not by immutable traits of birth.

    You are talking about ‘ought’; CRT is talking about ‘is’. What you think ought to exist is not the current state.

    Everyone should advance, achieve, pass, fail, live, or die, as individuals. If school authorities and personnel insist on acting otherwise, anyone with children needs to pull their children out of that institution and taxpayers need to call for ouster of those officials.

    In order for our current societies to exist, a strong degree of cooperation and interdependence is required. Not merely desired, but obligate. That is not to say that individualism isn’t also extremely important, but what you described just now is a fairy tale.


    Ted Cruz does a great job of explaining what CRT absolutely is not. I am sure he is equally as good at explaining to black people how unprivileged he really is. I will leave it to Bill Maher to inform us about Ted, the man.



    Ted the preacher is nauseating. Beats the bejesus out of straw dogs in a sanctimonious, my ass knows better and now yours does too.

    Enco wrote…“Critical Race Theory” is a problem because it makes everything about “race”… Autumn effectively addressed this Encoscribble. I am doubling down on how silly it is.

    Denying the significance of race in our history and in the present is poppycock. It would feel stupid to elaborate. If you are not aware of the aforementioned you are as ignorant as a rock. I am withholding judgment until i read the literature. If it well researched, reasoned and comprehensive it is a super valuable endeavor.



    Why can’t you all see how oppressed Ted is? Why can’t he just be free to love everyone with whatever definition of ‘love’ he wants to use? All these minorities are practically turning him into a political incel. How dare they.

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