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"Bad Actors" employing AI

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    I’ve been saying for years, in a group of technical peers, that before AI attains a “mind of its own”, the real threat at first will depend on which designers and owners empower it. I never understood why no one responded to that idea. I’m sure it must have been said before, but I just wasn’t hearing or reading it.

    Finally, the idea is coming out for discussion, thanks to Geoffrey Hinton, and he’s using a better phrase than my “designers and owners” phrase: “Bad Actors”. Article here:

    Some quotes:

    The “Godfather of AI” said he’s worried about how people will use the AI tools he helped create, name-dropping Russian President Vladimir Putin and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in an interview with the MIT Technology Review.

    “Look, here’s one way it could all go wrong,” Geoffrey Hinton told the MIT Tech Review. “We know that a lot of the people who want to use these tools are bad actors like Putin or DeSantis. They want to use them for winning wars or manipulating electorates.”

    Hinton told the MIT Tech Review he thinks generative AI tools will soon be able to make their own “subgoals,” meaning the machines would be able to figure out how to make larger decisions that could potentially be used for bad.



    Bill Gates on NOT pausing AI development:



    Bill Gates says government isn’t competant or justified or ready to regulate artificial intelligence or any other peaceful, honest, intelligent being

    There, Bill. Fixed that for ya. 😎

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