• andyhoke posted an update 3 years, 10 months ago

    Is everybody here climate change, apocalypitic, chicken littles? Just WATCH how many angry responses I get from my fellow atheists. Is the group here to simply huckster baseless alarmism?? Where is the concern for the human suffering caused by religion? Chicken Littles…

    • You don’t believe in the CO2 measurements, or that CO2 and increased warmth aren’t related, or… ? You understand north pole ice is practically gone now, and USA and Russian Navies are implementing redeployment for open waters, right? Explain why you’re sounding so cocky!

    • mmm, did someone mention chicken ?

    • I don’t think you’ll get any anger. You’ll get one of two things:

      1. A reasoned reply. Perhaps pointing out how virtually undeniable it is based on evidence, overwhelming scientific consensus and even the freakishly observable. That same reply may also include the fact that almost all Climate Change Deniers in the Western world come from the United States which is a large oil producer and has a notable history of people denying facts that conflict with their world view, political endorsements or financial interests. Climate change denial is also notable in Alberta Canada. A total non-coincicdence, its the province that produces a lot of petrochemicals. A few minor regions of other western countries that produce oil also have some moderate climate change denial. The rest of the civilised world who, they themselves will have to pay a cost to changes, have no problem accepting the undeniable evidence in front of them. Ask yourself…why you are so disposed to deny something that is based on the same investigative technologies you rely on in the technology you use as well as the reasonable precautions you use to keep you and your family safe.

      2. The second kind of response is…you’re most likely a troll. I cannot be sure. But I cannot think of another motive to post the kind of message above, in the way your wrote it than to get a reaction. I highly doubt you are open to a rational discussion or want to learn what, I know, a few users here who have considerable knowledge of climate change. Also, as an aside, being atheist doesn’t mean you are science-loving or a rational-critical thinker. Perhaps American atheists may be somewhat more likely to accept things that are irrationally denied, but atheist means one and only one thing: a lack of belief in God. Try not to generalise about non-believers, they are as diverse as humanity itself and not believing in God says nothing about the rest of your world view.