• jakelafort posted an update 1 week ago

    oh i got one for sex trafficking: unconsented transportation services for comfort maiden opportunities

    • Davis replied 1 week ago
      For deadly famine starvation in East Africa: nutrition deficiency issues
      • Davis replied 1 week ago
        For the deadly Fentanyl addiction overdose epidemic: heart-beat maintenance difficulties
        • Davis replied 1 week ago
          For the uncomfortably sad epidemic of thousands of homeless in the UK at the moment: relocation challenge troubles
          • Autumn replied 1 week ago
            While we’re at it, ‘cancer’ has become a bit of a daunting term lately. It might soften the blow if we refer to it as ‘exceptional cell growth’.
              • I despise as a descriptor ‘people of color’ but if we are going to use it then whites are ‘people who don’t see color in themselves but see it in others’
              • My point is, not all of those offences in the pyramid are rape. So it’s inaccurate to call it all rape culture. But all of it is rapey. So it would be accurate to call it rapey culture.