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    ysumlin, there is something very wrong with it! It is depraved. It is deplorable. It is reprehensible. It is the worst in human hatred and behavior. I doubt any of us would have a very different reaction to that story. Personally in reading about and observing racism i have often gotten sick to my stomach. Reading about lynchings and seeing pics makes me sick. I have been aghast at racism long before it was the cause it is today.

    And yes there is no doubt that we see different physical characteristics. Obviously shade of skin, noses, butts, legs, lips…

    The provenance or cause of our surface differences is probably irrelevant to the feelings or impressions created in the great majority of observers. Regardless it is a worthy endeavor educating the public as to the mythology of race.

    I have never maintained that a person or group ought to be denied a chosen label. The one i take issue with and have discussed here ad nauseum is people of color. I think it is an obvious demeaning label. But whatever..

    I also have ancestors on my dad’s side who were utterly hosed and the world looked the other way. Lost a bunch of family in the holocaust. And personally experienced antisemitism from German Americans. When i was young i hated Germans. I admit that. Now i don’t hate anyone until i have a reason to do so. You, ysumlin, have blamed Whites today or whatever you want to call them for the acts of their ancestors. That is BS. It doesn’t fly. None of us can be held to account for acts of our ancestors. I have long ago come to the conclusion that humans suck, that the vast majority are mindless followers, and easily led to the most unthinkable evil. Blacks are not any better than Whites. Jews are not any better than Germans. etc. If you want me to start citing acts of Blacks that make ya sick i shall.

    It is also worth pondering how it is that putative inferiority is a justification for oppression. Assuming arguendo Group A of humans is considered to be intellectually inferior to Group B why does it follow that Group B gets to enslave or in some way abuse Group A? So perhaps instead of arguing we are all the same in terms of science ask why humans behave as they do without a good pretext for their behavior? No matter what you do or how you try to educate i am dubious much good will come of it. Humans as a whole suck donkey doo doo.