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    This is kinda interesting.

    • Ehhh….Americans who went to Afghanistan during the operation and supported and wrote propaganda for the Taliban, or equally for ISIS, were persecuted and jailed. I don’t see how this is different.
        • I guess it would be similar. Google is not cooperating though. Got any links?
          • There is little in common between the Taliban and Russia. When the full story is suppressed in the case of Ukraine, the public doesn’t hear that ethnic Russian Ukrainians suffer a lot of threats and abuse at the hands of the huge Nazi-sympathetic segment of native Ukrainians, especially in the East where the not-so-secretly Nazi-sympathetic Azov Battalion has been committing war crimes (they are at war, they claim) against the Ethnic Russians there, and who make up a significant segment and perhaps even the majority.

            Who is served by suppressing such information?

            I have googled interviews with Alina Lipp, who has moved from Germany to Russia partly for fear of being suppressed all the way into a German prison and partly out of sympathy for Russians. Not Putin, Russians.

            Who are these Azov fighters, anyway?

            The Azov Battalion is an extreme-right nationalist paramilitary organization based in Ukraine. Founded in 2014, the group promotes Ukrainian nationalism and neo-Nazism through its National Militia paramilitary organization and National Corps political wing. It is notable for its recruitment of far-right foreign fighters from the U.S. and Europe as well as its extensive transnational ties with other far-right organizations. In 2022, the group came to prominence again for fighting against Russian forces in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Mariupol. (source:

          • There is another side to the war in Ukraine, which is the mistreatment and killing of ethnic Russians. There is a strong Nazi element in Ukraine. Western governments pressure news sources and social media to suppress discussion of this. Germany even treats such discussion as a CRIME, apparently. Apparently, if you do so, you are a Putin-loving Russian asset.