• Jody Lee posted an update 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    @jake, I’m glad that your dad has improved and I guess I would need to rule out behaviors based on a medical condition.

    For example, growing up my mother yelled and screamed a lot. She was a single mom (my dad passed away from an MI when my siblings and I were young) and I always contributed her meanness to anger and resentment. I feel she always had the ability to overcome being angry at something my dad couldn’t control (he was a brittle Type 1 diabetic from adolescence). But it seems to me she never tried to overcome that. Fast forward to today, although I grew up in what could be considered a hostile environment, I make effort to not resemble her behavior toward my son or anyone else in my life. Did she not make effort or was she not aware or intelligent enough to recognize it and change. To add to it, she grew up in a very large, rough and rowdy family who was mostly uneducated. This example is not the reason I’m asking, it’s just one personal experience where I know a little more about the situation.