• Funny, during the beginnings of the COVID-19 Pandemic, I got a snailmailed copy of _The Watchtower_ and a very neatly handwritten letter from a local JW. I remailed them back with a note containing the link to The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible and a kind reply: “Reason, Logic, and Science are for everyone, not just for the 144,000. Toodles!” (144,000, of course, refers to the only ones JWs think will go to Heaven. Why they continue to recruit and reduce their odds is beyond me.)

    • This is not true according to two COVID-Christers I encountered at my store. One was a corn-fed Tammy Faye clone who forgot her trowel-and-mortar make-up. The other was a clone of T.D Jake’s and/or Leroy Brown. They were both saying: “Your mask won’t work, and yours won’t, and yours won’t! The only thing that will work is the healing power of Jay-zuz!” I gritted teeth and bit my tongue and sanitized my counter until the floweredy-shirted man came up and said: “That won’t work either!” I then replied: “This, Sir, extended man’s life expectancy from less than 30 to 77 and more in 100 years time!” He insisted “That still don’t work!” I then blurted out: “Show me your medical sheep-skin or I’m not hearing it!” The evangelizing Pig-Pens then slinked out of the store saying “That don’t work! That don’t work!” all the way home. They used to say: “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Evidently, now, it’s changed to: “Cleanliness is next to diabolical. Shun the bath, scourge yourself, and weep and repent!”

    • A variation on “let everyone die and Allah will sort them out”.