• Unseen posted an update 6 years ago

    @regthefronkeyfarmer I am logged in so why can’t I reply to something in Sunday School? I see others hiave. At some point do replies get turned off for one and all, or am I being picked on (LOL)?

    • Rebel replied 6 years ago

      Join the group then you can reply.

    • Once again I spent passionate time writing something without saving it, hit the Send button, and was told I had to log in to post (or something like that). So I lost the post, forgetting that I probably could have saved it if I had first opened a new tab, logged in, gone back to the previous tab and then clicked on the browser’s left arrow to go back to where I was writing.

      So this must be a “bug” that hits members who are logged in while starting a reply, but their 24 hours of logged-in status expires while they’re writing. I’ll report this, but I’m sure it can only be fixed if/when a WordPress programmer looks at it.