Are you and I only an illusion? Is our life an illusion?

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    the present being merely an illusion in which nothing is actually happening.

    If you break time down to Planck time, to its smallest “size” then we could see that time is made up of individual (discrete) quanta or “blocks”. Each quanta could be described as static because it is being observed. But each block disappears when observed and a new block is created because Spacetime is expanding. Each “now” becomes a new “now” as soon as you think about it. So it is always seems to be “now” and that time is static. These blocks appear as a chain but we never experience the chain, only one of its links, that seems to be the same link all the “time”.

    If time was static then everything that could happen would happen at once. That’s a lot of multitasking to deal with and not enough  time in the day. That’s my excuse anyway!  Or maybe there is no “Now”. Maybe we have one foot in the past and one in the future at the same Time. That gives us the illusion of Now.




    Hocus pocus

    I can’t focus

    Can’t determine what is my locus.



    Because our brain is processing different stimuli and thoughts from different moments all at different moments there isn’t one clear “now” in your brain but a fuzzy fog of “now” that covers multiple miliseconds from the past until “now” making it a hazy “consciousness” of “the present”. As Reg pointed out, the planck time is extremely short (ridiculously short) and a near infinite amount of such units pass in a second, and our brain cannot process anything that fast with different parts of the mind processing different stimuli and thoughts at different miliseconds (and shorter than miliseconds) that take many many planck units, so, again, there is no “absolute now” regarding our experience. On that scale of time our consciousness seems to take for ever to process many things meaning you are currently dealing with and reacting to things in the past and not “now”. And since time and space are relative…yada yada yada.



    How long is the present? It must have a duration to exist, mustn’t it? The past we know to be something like 13.7 billion years old. The future we have to trust has a definite duration of some trillions of years. What is the duration of the present? Or does it have a mythical duration the way a geometric point has a mythical, purely conceptual size?

    Let’s call the present to be 150 years long. This way “we’ve got no future and we’ve got no past”. (name that tune)

    Nobody named that tune. Geez Simon. Nerds !


    Simon Paynton

    West End Girls?



    West End Girls?

    Love that tune !

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