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    Andrew Brown

    Ephesians 6:5 – Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ.

    Fuck that! Kill your Masters, always.

    If you find yourself enslaved, research and investigate until you find a way to escape or kill the one exploiting you. Freedom is the only goal for a true American. Our country is founded on the idea that I, myself, am the only one I should obey. I disagree with the idea of nationalism, I disagree with the idea of employment, I disagree with the idea that I am below anyone or anything else.

    We are all equal and all must strive to survive as long as we can. We must struggle, we must fight, we must continue on and no one deserves anything.

    The world is a vampire and we are the food || The world is our mother and we are born to experience and destined to die to contribute to the unity.

    Your opinion on our situation is of little importance as we are all heading towards the same destination. Whether you die in utero, as a babe, as a child, as a teen, as an adult, as an elder, it is of no consequence to anyone other than yourself. Just as you have attended a funeral, someone else will attend yours. Did your life cease? No, you persist, as will those who survive you.

    A Christian asked me, “What is the meaning of life?”
    I responded excitedly, “The meaning of life is to live the best life possible.”
    He agreed then proceeded to tell me that I am lost because I haven’t submitted myself to his imaginary lord.

    Kill your Masters, everyday.



    Christian “masters” don’t have as much prominence and power as they used to. Are you thinking of any Christians in the current crop of masters of manipulation of the masses, e.g. Steve Bannon?


    A recent conversation in my house went like this:

    Jehovah Witness: If you have Wi-Fi I can connect to the site on my iPad and show you the website I mentioned?

    Me: Yes I do. The connection is called “NoGodsNoMasters” and the password is “S@t@n696969”.

    Jehovah Witness: Mmmmm…I will just give you the url and you can look at it later.

    Me: I can’t wait to read all about the different “Kinds” your god made in week one.



    One should not automatically conflate religious affiliation with political bent; the right has no monopoly on Jesus as is evidenced by the black political Baptist leaders and the Hispanic culture’s deep affiliation with the ever corrupt Catholic church. Now we can add the “religion of peace” into the legislative branch as well. There are currently zero open atheists ( a few could be I suppose) in the US congress. I am shocked. One would think with all the feminists gaining power we would get some atheists along with that deal but I guess Jesus was a non-toxic submissive male. Perhaps he was even a virgin, just like his mommy.

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    Christians are not my main concern. I just heard US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Mn) trivialize 9-11 in a speech.

    Western culture has moved away from traditional male and female gender roles and the birth rate is low and falling. The Islamic world is traditional, marrying young, having kids, and steadily occupying Western cities.

    There will be no integration, even if it appears so at first. The mosques will go up, the calls for change will go out and the liberal laws of the west will be used against itself. Right wing crazies will commit terrible acts that will only help justify the Islamic takeover. The Muslim’s loyalty is to Mohamad the warlord. Spain and Italy fought this plague for centuries only to have modern wussies just hand over the keys. Yasir Arafat was clear about it this strategy with his “The womb of the Arab woman” prophesy.

    Christianity at least allows and even calls for the separation of church and state. Islam requires it’s immersion into all aspects.


    but I guess Jesus was a non-toxic submissive male. Perhaps he was even a virgin, just like his mommy.

    Today those are the exact qualities needed to be a member of a successful boy-band!

    Androgynous Jesus and His Angsty Apostles will begin their comeback tour in 3 days time!


    tom sarbeck

    Check the OED for the Greek origin of “apostate”. It means “runaway slave”.

    And so, when someone tells you “Once a Catholic, always a Catholic”, you can reply “Once a Catholic, always helpless”.




    but I guess Jesus was a non-toxic submissive male. Perhaps he was even a virgin, just like his mommy. Today those are the exact qualities needed to be a member of a successful boy-band! Androgynous Jesus and His Angsty Apostles will begin their comeback tour in 3 days time!

    Playing their new hits “turn the other cheek”, “abandon your family” and “father, why have you forsaken me?”




    Here is Ira North explaining what he would do if he were a woman. His name alone would put him on a terrorist watch list in Ireland. I must say that the Simmons woman pictured on the left does it for me. Makes me want to hear those Holy Milkmen rattling their bottles.


    Glen D

    2 Cents

    Organised religion is the greatest confidence trick ever perpetrated on the human race. The Egyptian cult of Amum was extremely powerful, at one point wealthier than Pharaoh.The Babylonian god  demanded blood sacrifices of children .The pre Columbian religions of south and central America demanded huge numbers of blood sacrifices.

    To this day, cows are revered in India, and some  extreme muslims  con poor ignorant young men into becoming suicide bombers.

    So, it ain’t just the Christians.  That religion is a death cult, conning people into believing a far better life is to come after death.

    OF COURSE  the Church  has always had a lot of power. From the fifth century until I think the sixteenth century, the church murdered anyone it didn’t like, often by burning them alive. It is my belief that  there are more than a few sects which would be just thrilled to burn wrongdoers alive if they were allowed .

    Simply put, the church uses guilt and fear to control its flock (a very appropriate name for Christian believers; sheep).

    Below is  a clip from my favourite theist, bishop John Spong.

    He says “religion is always in the control business” He also explains that the notion of an eternal hell is a a christian invention .There are a lot of his lectures on You tube. Recommended.


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    Glen D

    I’ve been told that at age 3  I had an imaginary friend called Mr Bailey. Seems it was my practice to blame Mr bailey for anything I did wrong.

    At five, I went to the good nuns for instruction.   After a few weeks, if  I had done anything untoward,  I simply said  “the devil made me do it”. Mum had words with the head nun. The second time was when one of the younger nuns had been scaring us shitless with graphic tales oft martyrs.

    The moral; don’t ever let your kid(s) within hearing of a nun.


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