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    One day a whale gave birth to a kangaroo. Scientists are puzzled how the kangaroo was able to swim to shore with that pouch filling up with water and all. Now we know that kangaroos swim backwards. Whew, that was close call for the theory of evolution but we are still good.
    We are working on a museum called The Answers In Darwin Museum (TAIDM). We are going to have a real time display that shows how worms come from apples. We can prove that even though worms come from apples, there are still apples.

    I invite all theists to come by the Darwin Chapel to hear the good news. We have a band and everything.



    Good, we all need to learn.



    Yeah. In fact, my favourite display in that museum is the slow motion enactment of butterflies evolving, no, emerging from peanut-butter jars. It really forced me to view the debate over whether evolution is true or an illusion. So many insightful insights into the varying views on how evolution may or may not make sense in terms of the truth of species being able to become other kinds of animal kingdoms through emerging inside mysterious enviroments like how colonies of ants actually came from a bumblebee hive after a group of Tibetian termites raided the hive and things got instense and before you know it…boom…evolution…ants!!!


    I will bring some fronkeys 😉




    Simon Paynton

    This is about the long and short of it.  It’s really hard to argue with nonsense.




    Will the Crocoduck Awards ceremony be on before the band starts playing?



    @robert, everything happens for a reason.
    We just rephrase the “why” question, like “How have banjos evolved?”.



    When visiting Venezia they were holding an ancient musical instrument exhibit in an old cathedral. The forerunners of the violin, harpsichord, piano, guitars and many more. For me it was a highlight. And absolutely; musical instruments are constantly evolving !!! The banjo came to the America’s in the heart’s of African slaves who did their best to reinvent it with the materials at hand. They found their way into the black-face mistral shows and then with a change of playing style ended up in 20’s jazz and eventually with a another change of playing style they became a bluegrass mainstay. I am opting for the original style “the claw-hammer” and within a few hours I have the basic strum down but I can see already it’s gonna be all about muscle memory.



    all about muscle memory.

    Oh yeah, and finger callouses make it easier.

    I looked for one of my favorite songs on youtube, but there’s only live versions that aren’t mixed well for hearing the banjo. Plus, he’s playing it way more complicated, where you can’t even hear my favorite part which is that simple bend at 19 seconds here on an Amazon preview. It has a nice solo in it too, skilled, and not crazy like in their live show.



    That’s a very nice piece. I love the slower steady rhythmic banjo chord style. I won’t be playing much bluegrass for a while, however I want to integrate that style as  point of interest into the pop/rock bands where I currently play keyboards. I also play bass guitar in another band and even had a gig recently where both bands played and I got to switch off.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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