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    One prominent cosmological theory nowadays holds that our universe is just one universe inside a superentity called The Multiverse. Some hold that there may be an infinitude of universes in The Multiverse. And can we be sure that there is only one Multiverse? Maybe there are an infinity of those!

    Let’s do a “what if.”

    What if that’s the case and there is an infinity of universes in The Multiverse and perhaps an infinitude of multiverses.

    Would that guarantee that whatever happens once, happens again and again ad infinitum along with every imaginable variation?

    Will we all be born again and again forever?


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    Of course, we come back to an age old question: Is there any such thing as an actual infinity.

    At one time, some would have proffered space as an actual infinity, but that’s a rather old Newtonian notion of space. Einstein taught us that space isn’t a substance, like an ocean of water, that can exist on its own,but is related to (and in a sense created by) objects with mass. No mass, no space, right?



    While hopelessly lost in those infinitudes, isn’t it safe to say we’ll never know the answer to questions like that?

    And… afterlife? Were you smoking something?



    I suppose after the First billion years ui heaven i will have mastered all the worlds languages and mathematics and physics. I’ll likely spend the next billion years inventing new languages and logic annotation. In the third bout of a billion years I’d learn everything worth knowing and would be sick to death of meeting other alien species who also went to heaven. In the fourth installation I’d become very depressed as everything has been the same ole for longer than my nauseated mind would hope to bear…so I will try to commit suicide every day…except of course…where am I go in to go? I’m already in heaven and god is too lazy to kick me out. For the fifth installment my depression grows stronger and I will start snorting cloud dust. After a century or two I’ll spend more and MORE time concentrating the cloud dust and pumping me full of it. But even with Gods cloud dust you’ll top out. The next trillion years I’ll try to slowly fade into the background…slow down my spirit until there’s only one soul-beat per day and my brain moves at the speed of a glaciers I imagine I’ll hope ut will make eternity go by faster but you know..eternity and stuff I’ll wait around in the background for a sextillion years and I imagine god…if he is as loving an caring as he says he is..will call off the show and end it all in oblivion.



    Davis, that was  Twain-like.



    While hopelessly lost in those infinitudes, isn’t it safe to say we’ll never know the answer to questions like that? And… afterlife? Were you smoking something?

    That’s why I said “some sort” in order to distinguish it from a God-bequeathed continuous and eternal life.

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    What about the whole “Is there any such thing as a real infinity?” thing?


    Infinity will only last until the end of time according to my young nephew but I have heard him say “to infinity and beyond” more than once.  But infinity is a very long time, especially towards the end 🙂


    Einstein taught us that space isn’t a substance…

    Maybe Space is made of individual “quanta”, just like light as new ideas from Loop Quantum Gravity would suggest.  I am getting to like that theory……



    I guess I’m asking, does infinite time across infinite universes imply that a life (or anything else) will happen an infinite number of times as well?

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