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    Yes, democrats ought to learn from the Clinton/Trump race.  It certainly seems she was influenced by the status quo thinking to stay above the fray.

    She had an opening against Trump that made me cringe when she failed to exploit it.  During the debate Trump was asked about being unstable.  Predictably he lost his composure. It was not just a little. It was palpable.  Clinton sat there like a statue ABOVE THE FRAY when she could have slammed a nail into his campaign by indicating that  any other person would remain cool to demonstrate their mental stability yet he is incapable of doing that.  And if he cant do that under controlled conditions how is he going to react when surprises or exigent circumstances demand cool and detached thoughtful reactions?

    I believe it was during the same debate when Trump tried to intimidate her by coming close to her and invading her personal space. Again she did nothing.

    What nobody has said but it  is evident to me, at least nobody i have read or heard, is that for trump (and perhaps many of his followers) it is about DOMINANCE. Don’t placate a bully. Go for his nuts.



    What nobody has said but it  is evident to me, at least nobody i have read or heard, is that for trump (and perhaps many of his followers) it is about DOMINANCE. Don’t placate a bully. Go for his nuts.

    When they go low, we go and piss on them.

    I fear that the debates have or are becoming largely irrelevant.



    It all comes down to whether the democrats are willing to give up their chance to win vs. playing dirty. It’s a case of are they willing to give up their principles so they can govern to try and promote their principles.

    The Republicans invented modern dirty politics. It ranges from deception to viscious attacks and manipulation to propaganda factories, vile cruelty and dirty dirty dirty tricks and word games. There isn’t a single topic that they differ (even only slightly) with the democrats in which they haven’t totally straw-manned the shit out of the democrats policy or position and painted an utter mirror universe of what they are planning. And no this is not just the crazies in Alabama. It is rampant throughout the whole party absolutely everywhere. There is nothing they won’t say, if they think the backlash will be less than the political points score. Very very few republicans have made any noteworthy attempt to stop Trump.

    Democrats played by the rules and didn’t fill a supreme court seat. Replubicans played the dirtiest shit possible and got a sleazy douche bag in one chair. Democrats take the high road and lose a near given election. Trump dumps American narrative down the toilet and lowers the bar lower than ever imaginable and wins handily.

    Do you stump to the Replubicans utterly filthy repugnant playbook or try to get elected more? Do you give up your moral compass and and any ethical consideration as the Republicans did years ago or do you wait for the next election, winning without being dispicable. The cycle seems to be a yo-yo effort back and forth between Replubicans and Democracts and so while their chance to govern seems more or less the same on a national level…the only difference in terms of how they are elected…is Republicans living with themselves knowing they’ve been dishonest schucksters manipulating their way into their dirty seats in congress and Democrats trying to enjoy at least a piece of the political sphere that hasn’t been toxified. If you want to see what happens when both sides start playing dirty…just watch a debate in the British house of Commons or the Australian one and you’ll find out just how ugly it really gets.




    The democratic nominee need not engage in anything sordid or underhanded.  Instead the person who opposes Trump ought to give insults after receiving insults. When Trump calls his opponent low energy, sloppy, lion or the like …hit back with …what are you ten years old and frozen in time?  That is not great behavior from ten year olds but for 70 somethings it is despicable. They can not let him dominate, be the bully.  The nominee needs to examine and expose the myriad fuck-ups in his policy, knowledge and behavior. Further the nominee needs to engage Trump so that he actually debates issues. And when he fails to take the bait use that failure to debate as a failing on Trump’s part. You want to be president AGAIN after all of your failed policies and your obvious ignorance?

    Being above the fray like Clinton was and failing to call out Trump is a terrible mistake. Blindly following the political wisdom of yesteryear after what we have learned is folly, no it is plain stupid.

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