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    Simon Paynton

    I wonder if all of them know what they’ve lined up for or if some just got sucked in out of compulsive habit.

    Some people are sobbing.  It’s a very sombre and emotional event.



    I suppose it would be for many or else why put themselves through what I’ve seen estimated as up to a thirty-hour wait for those nearing the start of the queue? It’s probably ill-advised for some of them, physically, but that’s their choice to make and their business in how they invest their emotional energy.




    I have a soft spot for Old England.



    Indeed there isn’t overwhelming love for the monarchy in Edinburgh. I don’t know any monarchists amongst my Scottish family/friends, though they absolutely exist. Now that Elizabeth is no longer with us, I would imagine there will be far fewer monarchists in Scotland. It is time to end the monarchy, or at the very very least, seriously diminish their size and titles to at most the Monarch and direct descendants, appropriate most of the land, castles, palaces, force them to pay full taxes and let them live on their own considerable wealth. I do not understand why commonwealth countries would want to continue the monarchy now that Elizabeth is gone.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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