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    Fellow Unbelievers,

    First, some background: Last Monday, I caused a tiny bump-up in the parking lot at work.  Fortunately, neither the woman who vehicle I bumped nor myself were physically harmed and we amicably exchanged information and called the police to have a report for the insurance company.

    Nothing unusual…until I got a solicitation letter in the mail from a local chiropractor.  Evidently, they follow the lead of ambulance-chaser lawyers and have underlings gather information from police accident reports, then send solicitations for business to all involved parties.

    My response?  I didn’t even open it.  I wrote on the letter: “Return To Sender.  Not into superstition and woo.  Rational, scientific medicine for the win!  Read The Skeptical Inquirer

    Just a little salvo on the home front against the many attempts to snuff out the Promethean Fire of Reason in the world.  Feel free to repeat as your own circumstances arise and permit.  Maybe the Witch Doctors will get the hint and go legit.






    In my experience chiros are unabashed business persons. And they do play ball with the P.I. attorneys. They give high permanent partial disability ratings when the patient has concluded treatment. They tend to relate injuries to accidents and or aggravations of preexisting injuries. Those ratings along with causation are a significant aspect of the value of a personal injury claim. Of course those are only generalizations of my experience.

    I hate to side with Encogitationer but i am opposed to constitutional monarchies. Admittedly not the issue of the century as long as the monarchs are largely figureheads. On the other hand the monarchy is an anachronism we ought not celebrate or perhaps even tolerate. No good ever comes when we see individuals with vast unchecked power. It is even worse when the source of power is divine right. Captain Obvious told me that divine right means that the little guy aint got a leg to stand on when they oppose some policy or practice. Consider Queen Elizabeth’s star chamber-the antithesis of due process and civil rights.

    The Magna Carta is 1215, not 1500s and hardly a document that is about human rights. Instead it represents a concession by King John to the nobles. Just another power struggle. As far as Irish not being opposed to English monarch i can’t fathom that. The history of the treatment of the Irish by the English is abominable, vicious and sadistic. I had more shit to say but heck with it…the races are a comin.


    If you get a second letter from them I would start by asking them for their qualifications and where they were obtained. Then I would consider suing them for falsely claiming to be medically qualified to make such judgements. All that stress they are putting you under………



    Tongue disappeared.



    Whenever I am in an accident, I go to the phrenologist after. I know it’s not the best for diagnostic purposes, but hey, one shift in the old brain bumps and that could represent bajillions in lost revenue potential.

    The homeopathist, however, was of absolutely no use. They just recommended I get in an even smaller car accident to cure the first one.



    The homeopathist, however, was of absolutely no use. They just recommended I get in an even smaller car accident to cure the first one

    Eventually, after many iterations you will not even need to get into any accidents to avoid them. Yey !!!




    I hope and trust the tongue is firmly planted in the cheek here and undetected by the bump quack’s tongs. 😁





    I doubt I’ll get another letter, but if I do, I’ll refer the bone-popper to the works of James “The Amazing” Randi.  He was like garlic to these psychic/fiscal vampires and his works post-cede him.  Any stress should be on the Chiropractor’s part, as a result of challenges to self-induced pretensions of authority.


    I am currently challenging a local pharmacy over its retail shelf of homeopathetic products. I am making a mockery of them and it looks like they will soon desist 🙂




    “Homeopathetic.”  I see what you did there. 😁

    Just try not to make youself too big a nuisance with your prospective target or it can backfire.  Make your desired  outcome something that they’ll do happily and passionately.  “C’mon, you guys are better than that!  Stick with the real deal medicine!”



    Now, now, Jake.  Like the street kids garble nowadays: “Don’t hate, apprecion-ate!”

    Seriously, though, I “apprecion-ate” your agreement and your teaching me something new about woo and the legal profession.

    If chiropractors and other saw-bones have a hand in promoting victimology identity in our culture and if they are turning safety nets into hammocks, then they are even worse than I had previously thought.

    The same goes for any Attorney or Judge that would accept the so-called “expert status” of pseudoscience peddlers.

    All of them have turned Munchausen and Munchausen-By-Proxy Syndromes into communicable diseases that could destroy a society.

    You rang the Plague bell good and loud here.  Much oblidged.



    Enco., I am not sure how how you think chiros promote perception of victimization or misuse safety nets. Maybe it was in an article you linked?

    I am only telling you what i observed. Chiropractors are excellent at promoting their business. They are not reluctant to advertise. In both the medical and legal profession there is a funny notion that advertising cheapens the profession. It is like a goddamn priesthood. I walked out of law school and hung a shingle. It was impossible to get any business without advertising. I heard from the established attorneys when i began to advertise. So i don’t have a problem with self promotion.

    On the other hand some of the Chiropractors wanted to meet with me to do business. They wanted reciprocating referrals. I get a PI file they want me to refer the client. In turn they get an accident victim with a claim they send me their patient. And they give me medical reports that exaggerate the extent of the injuries sustained as a result of the accident. I don’t appreciate that part. And i never got in bed with any of them. Also, you speak to any adjuster and i think you will find they discount/diminish the medical findings of accident claims.

    There are professional experts for hire and the defense often has a field day attacking their credibility by utilizing transcripts from trials, depositions and the very fact that they are for hire.

    I can tell you i had clients and people i know otherwise who swear by chiropractors. They get at least temporary relief and for people with chronic pain that is something powerful.


    Ask a chiropractor if he/she is onboard with Subluxation theory.



    Reg, good tip, good article.

    My only issue with the author’s article is that having a subluxation does or can affect health. Those who are not ambulatory or less so due to back pain for any extended period suffer the consequences of being sedentary.

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