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    PG&E is the power company in California, bankrupted by law suits stemming from the most tragic fires that took place in 2017 (October, I believe). Predictions are that weather conditions tonight will be similar to those back then.

    So panic ensues, and of course some people are crying wolf, but who really knows what will transpire. I predict that controlled power outages will take place, and will possibly keep fires from sparking due to power lines banging into each other in the wind. But then, if no fires take place, we still can’t know for sure it was because inert power lines just harmlessly banged into each other. (Unless maybe someday they add some tech, like low-voltage sensing to keep track of when power lines bang into each other. I don’t know if that idea has ever been discussed.)

    Anyways, sans any tragedy caused by powered up power lines, I’ll bet that a lot of people will complain about the power outages. But there is still humor here, in a facebook post supposedly posted by one city’s police department:

    State of California, humorously marked almost all red wit magic marker and saying "PG&E says prepare for power shutdowns in select areas of California marked in red."

    I may be over-simplifying the “power lines banging into each other” scenario, because I haven’t actually followed the forensics used to blame PG&E. Maybe power lines even broke and then sparked on the ground or something, I don’t know. I just chalk these failures up to the foibles of Humanity’s Modernity. Where people blame each other even for a lot of the unpredicted tragedies, and are not willing or able to spend money on the “right kinds of research and prevention”. And then we spend it instead on treatments and recoveries, like in health care. And we pray.



    Stay safe!  I forgot you were in Cali. Saw something about the power to 800,000 homes will be deliberately shut down. Keep us posted!



    Yup, I have my own stories about the 2017 and 2018 fires, but they pale in comparison to tens of thousands of others here. I even made my own breathing mask out of a CPAP mask, a trimmed HEPA filter, and a gallon plastic jug during some days that were so smokey that most people left town (as recommended by health and emergency authorities), but no flames ever came close. Also had to tape a HEPA filter to the CPAP machine for sleeping.

    Winds are forecast to peak tonight and early morning.


    I have friends in Ukiah up in Mendocino and they are not affected. I saw some of the damage cause in the areas around Santa Rosa last year.  I hope all goes OK for you.

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