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    I was reading how the legit weed growers in Cali can’t compete with illegal growers because of fees and taxes. Fires, huge hurricanes, heat waves, floods. Good thing climate change is all “fake news”.


    The licensing and regulation has been a problem. Many people preempted how the regulations would go and invested money in branding and marketing and then had to redo it all when the rules were signed off early this year. Licensing is not straightforwards. Much of this was cover in the “Murder Mountain” series on Netflix set in Humboldt county. You need a permit to cultivate it, a permit to distribute it to a dispensary which needs a permit to retail it and a manufacturing permit for say “vapes”. Even more paperwork for edibles.

    Most people would prefer to buy from a dispensary because of the choice and the “track and trace” policy (from farm to you) which also shows potency.

    But to do it right is the only way to do it. You will be shutdown immediately if you don’t. However it is easy to trade when you are legit and the costs of being legit are negated after a few crop cycles. Almost all growers want to go legit but cannot afford to scale up to become a competitive business. What I am trying to do is to organize these farms into a collective where we deal with all the paperwork and then we market their product under our brand but with their farm getting credit. This is very true of the “hippie types” (in the best sense of the word) who grow excellent weed and are skilled in hybrid development. We allow them to just concentrate on growing and we do the rest. We will also grow our own indoor (20,000 ft^2).

    We cannot (yet) sell out of state (not Federal) . This market is covered by the illegal growers who sell in to States when it is still illegal to purchase it. They are those who cannot afford to go legit or are organized gangs (your first though was correct). They compete with us, not us with them.

    Here is 60lbs of top quality flower.



    That must be really fragrant. I am sure talented growers who want to be out working the plants aren’t excited about red tape and marketing. Seems like a good plan.

    Plus if Trump gets impeached and if Bernie wins….the pot ETF’s will probably soar. The Fed gets onboard, the black market goes the way of moonshine. Money will flow, and the next thing you know Monsanto is selling seeds to Dole. That would be something to behold.



    Reg on a related note in case you haven’t seen it:

    The Mysterious Vaping Illness That’s ‘Becoming an Epidemic’

    (click ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^)



    I admit to not having read prior posts, but with talk of using public money to support or bail out PG&E, is no one talking of using the public’s money to turn them into a publicly-owned utility? I mean, if you gotta spend public money, should it be used to bail out investors? When you invest in a company, you take the risk that the company could go down the tubes. Time for a government takeover? It’s not illegal. States run businesses all over the country. Liquor stores, for example.


    Yes, well aware of the issues with vaping devices. Many (or most) cases involve THC. But it is not THC that is the problem but the dilutes added to it like vitamin E (acetate). Our main product is just the flower. We must (legally) have every batch analyzed by an independent lab before it can be distributed. These street products are cheap and not regulated. They are made from the cuttings we don’t sell. In Europe cheap rip off brands of cigarettes sell for about 33% of a regular pack. They are made from the dregs of the regular industry. All cigarettes are bad for you but some are worse than others. The little water bong I got 38 years ago does for me 🙂

    More here.



    Time for a government takeover?

    Yes, or something like that. There is a whole lot of angry “discussion” blaming PG&E, which is appropriate to some extent, but I’ve seen very little discussion on how to not expect/trust PG&E to solve this epic crisis. We’re seeing anger on one side suing them for outdated powerline infrastructure causing fires, and on the other side people screaming about PG&Es pro-active powerline safety shutdowns during high wind events. To be honest, these kinds of catastrophes haven’t been given the forethought they deserve, except perhaps by climate change awareness advocates.

    IMO, workable solutions are possible here only with (non-PG&E) monitoring of the power grid, more localized generation and storage of power (as Robert alluded to), involvement of scientific expertise and research in those technologies along with weather prediction and vegetative/forest fuel management, additional satellite and drone fire (and fire risk) monitoring, and government oversight at the very least, at first.

    In the bigger picture, as in many issues that affect modern civilization, this is about motivating culture to be willing to make wiser political choices and invest in longer range solutions than what capitalism’s typical quarterly-profit survival paradigm requires. In these “profitable” Trumpian times, we’re seeing some reversal in some of those wiser choices… but this is where California can step up, as it has before (along with western states in general), in spite of the national politics.



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