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    Mind blowing freedom of bizarre religious beliefs…over child abuse. You’ll never guess which church is fighting for it!

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    Something has GOT to change!


    Simon Paynton

    It has to be admitted that the Catholic Church is in a difficult position, since a “non-reporting” of confessions has value – it means that people aren’t afraid to say anything at all, which in itself is the right way forward.  It’s similar to the Samaritans’ apparently confusing MO of not reporting someone who is suicidal – if they thought they were going to be reported, they wouldn’t come forward.  On balance, this seems to be a good position.

    It’s hard to see how we could go back to a time when the confessional priest keeps quiet about someone admitting their child abuse.  However, if they knew the priest was going to report it, they just wouldn’t say anything.

    I think it has to be the job of the priest to: 1) keep quiet; 2) encourage the offender to do the right thing and come forward.  This places the priest in a special category of “people who know”.  That shouldn’t be surprising, since they are already in a special category.  It’s also in line with one of the legitimate jobs of the Church, which is to reform people’s behaviour.



    I wont admit that catholic church is in a difficult position any more than i would admit a serial rapist whose gig is up is in a difficult position.

    The concept of original sin is depraved.  The use of guilt to compel adherence is depraved.  The imposition of guilt is what causes believers to confess.  The confessional box was created to protect confessors from being set upon by horny priests, or so have i heard…

    In any event it is tough to muster sympathy, at least for me it is..


    A Catholic priest in his nineties is on his death bed. He confesses to another priest that he had abused and raped children in his care for over sixty years. The confessor absolves him of his “sins”, tells him God forgives him and then he dies. According to the Catholic Church he died in a state of grace and so takes a first class carriage to Heaven where he will become an immortal.

    One of his victims who grew up in a Catholic institution was repeatedly raped and beaten for 12 years from the age of five, like thousands of other children in Church “care”. As a young adult the victim turns to drugs and alcohol.  After a few short years, knowing nothing of love, friendship or a secure home this person takes their own life. According to the Catholic Church this person was a sinner and will go to Hell.

    Any apologist want to point out where I am wrong?


    David Boots

    I don’t think this can be excused at all. It is a part of an ongoing campaign by the church to limit the damage from the recent commission into their crimes.

    The confessional in my view should not be compared to the privilege afforded the conversations between say a lawyer and their client or a psychologist and their patient. I question whether the confessional provides any value to society. Rather it seems a cheap gimmick the church uses to peddle its appalling product.

    If the confession is protected, then the only apparent benefit is to the criminal who gets to absolve their conscience.

    In 1910 the catholic creeps rewrote their dogma to say that confession should begin at the age of seven. This of course gave priests private, easy and direct intimate access to children. No-one is now not surprised that priests  used the confession to solicit children and then groom them for sexual encounters.

    But the confession is an invention anyway; it became an ‘institution’ in the 8th century. It is not a biblical practise.


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    Not an apologist Reg, but the church went right.  Ya see the priesthood remains attractive to the would-be priest as the pool of victims for priests stays intact. (not ta mention the mafia-like protection of priests who like to have a little fun on the side)  What could be wrong?



    They make heaven sound so wonderful, everyone would want to get there as soon as possible.  Without the suicide ban, all the devotees would be self slaughtering and no longer able to contribute to the coffers and the ongoing church.



    Heaven sounds boring as all get out to me.

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