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    In the past, it’s been the lunatic fringe of the right wing who thought that a mass killing of black people would ignite a race war. Must have been a big disappointment when the race war didn’t happen.

    What the idea needed was a smarter strategy by someone in a position to really do something about it.

    With some revealing tweets a few days ago, Trump reminded me of the chilling scene in Red Dragon where the Ralph Fiennes character takes off his robe to reveal a giant elaborate scary dragon tattoo on his entire backside.

    Omarosa called it last year when she wrote and stated publicly that she’s sure Donald J. Trump wants to start a race war. Something a small handful of redneck racists haven’t been able to do.

    While his defenders will say “It’s just his style” and “He’s an equal-opportunity bully,” if you stop to notice, you’ll realize his most cruel and intentionally hurtful AND RACIST insults are reserved for women and especially women of color.

    Conservatives have a habit of portraying dark-skinned people’s demands for equality as “divisive,” and yet here we have the conservative President of the United States using the meme “Why don’t you go back to where you (or your ancestors, it’s implied) came from?”

    As a racist trope, this one is just shy of “Let’s go get a rope and take care of this problem.”

    The idea behind starting a race war depends on hopping up both sides, not just one, until all hell breaks out.

    And suddenly we’re in a civil war of sorts.

    And what might a President do in such a situation?

    Well, he might call a state of emergency and suspend The Constitution (which he clearly hates).

    And those militias who claim to exist to defend The Constitution, I think they might choose to back an authoritarian President instead.

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    This is a gift. A die hard republican bandmate of mine just said he is done with Trump. Holy shit, I almost fell off my chair. Perhaps a somewhat moderate liberal (such as ‘sleepy Joe’ Biden) is looking better and better to moderate republicans. We are getting used to Obama-care. Social Security is becoming very, very, very…critical to an aging country. Not that many have that suggested 1.5 million bucks to retire with.

    Will we will slowly progress to a moderate social democracy that realizes we have serious climate challenges? I think so.  The white race will become a true minority. Women will control much of the government. Trump represents the death throes of the 1950’s “happy days” America.

    The West will be in an ever challenging economic war with China (and India) to control future technologies, especially AI. There will be a economic war of sorts based on economics. Big cities in Asia are starting to look a lot like Blade Runner. Just a bit later than projected.



    Trump Is Trying To Start A Race War, Isn’t He?

    You just noticed?



    I think the reactions of world leaders says everything, most especially the first one:

    That’s not how we do things in Canada.


    We take the view that our parliament should be a representative place, it should look and feel like New Zealand, it should have a range of different cultures and ethnicities, and never should a judgement be made about the origin of anyone, and their right, therefore, to be in parliament as a representative.

    J. Adern, New Zealand’s Prime Minister

    …the language used to refer to these women was completely unacceptable.

    Theresa May

    No excuses, disclaimers or “yeah buts”. Without a doubt the UK, Canada and NZ will face drama from Trump because of them taking a stand on it. And their citizens overwhelmingly wanted their leader to say so. Silence (like the republicans are doing) is even worse. The only way a race-war can possibly start up is if a lot of people say nothing.


    Glen D


    According to Huffpost UK, people are livid that no English politician actually used the word”racist” to characterise  Trump or his rants against the four Democrat congresswomen:


    “The president of the United States is racist.

    He doesn’t merely court racists. He doesn’t just use racially charged language. He doesn’t sympathise with racist views.

    “Donald Trump is racist.

    That wasn’t that hard for me to type, but for some reason so many of our political leaders feel unable to utter those words.”


    Does Donald want a race war? I don’t know, because I don’t know if he’s as stupid as he seems, or stupid like a fox.

    I’m more concerned at the agenda of the Republican congress as a group.  Are they so wrapped up in their own little power trips to see what’s happening, or do they as a group want a race war?  Can they truly be quite that craven and malignant?   If not, surely there must be a line  after which the GOP MUST turn on Trump?  One can’t help but try to imagine exactly what that line might be.



    people are livid that no English politician actually used the word”racist” to characterise

    Actually Corbyn did.

    Telling four Congresswomen of colour to “go back” is racist. But the Tory leadership candidates can’t bring themselves to say so.

    We should stand up to Donald Trump, not pander to him for a sweetheart trade deal which would put our NHS at risk.

    Hunt and Mr. Fuckface won’t come out and fully call it racist, because they are trying to lead the UK out of a brutal harsh facist EU that lets the UK participate as an equal member and replace it with Trump dictating all the rules. It sounds like a logical transfer. And no, neither one of them want to rock the boat with Trump because his temper tantrums are cosmic full of real world consequences and endless nightmares for other politicians (Trudeau spends half his time staving off Trump’s trouble making). Which is, of course, pathetic. Both in the case of ditching an extremely democratic and extremely fair and participative Union for a super one sided ass kissing fest with the US…as well as communicating to British citizens that you will denounce something but accept a certain level of ugliness because what other choice to we have now? There’s a common theme in many conservative parties (Canada, Australia, UK, Republicans in US). They are the party of family values, responsibility, high moral standard and of principles. And yet when family values and responsibility and high moral standards and principles are threatened…it’s actually the evil devious cunning country hating progressives who stand up for them. No surprise. Hate is wrong unless it gets in the way of votes or trade deals. That’s high principles.


    It was a difficult week in the people’s house but the problem has been fixed.



    Lets get a real conjurer for the house 

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