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    David Boots

    Across europe, for several years prior to 1940, the warning signs of the growing fascism in Germany were obvious.

    In 1939, in a speech to the German parliament, hitler declared and hypothesized that another world war would result in the ‘the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe.’

    The year before, the Gestapo, supported by local uniformed police, arrested tens of thousand of Jewish men and imprisoned them in concentration camps.

    As far back as 1930, the Nazis burnt books written by Jews, political opponents, and liberal intellectuals, and declared that they were ‘purifying’ German libraries of ‘un-German’ books.

    Some people saw the holocaust coming. Most ignored the signs. Holocaust deniers still deny those signs.

    Recently a youtuber was convicted of the criminal offence of causing offence. See the commentary on this here…

    An overview

    A response

    A stronger response

    The arresting officer said ‘This arrest should serve as a warning to anyone posting such material online, or in any other capacity, that such views will not be tolerated.’

    My view is that this conviction should serve as a warning that your liberty to voice an opinion is threatened and has been for some time. Either people wake up soon to this or we will all have to submit to religious oppression and in our lifetime.


    I think they will be coming for Pat Condell too. Hitchens says it well.


    David Boots

    Well Mr Condell does not hold back does he? Hi, I’m Pat Condell. I don’t respect your beliefs and I don’t care if you’re offended.

    I think I need some new business cards.

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    David Boots

    New Business Group


    We have a saying in Atheist Ireland, coined by Michael Nugent that says “You have rights, your beliefs do not.

    I have a collection of “blasphemous” t-shirts with slogans along the lines of “I blaspheme all gods except your one(s)”.

    I am trying to get arrested for it. I have even gone into the local police station and confessed to breaking the Blasphemy Laws but they have refused to arrest me as nobody has reported being “outraged” by anything I have said or done (or thought!!). I will try harder!


    David Boots

    Watch out. That strategy may backfire.



    The formulation of respect for the person but not the person’s beliefs is a fiction.  It may be for the best.  But come on man!

    A theist posits in re to the universe and our importance within it and we respect that person? I would like to see the outcome of lie detector tests on the issue of veracity of the atheists who maintain it is so.


    I respect the rights of all people or any person in particular to hold and express whatever views they want. I am prepared to stand up and defend that right even if those views or beliefs are abhorrent to me.

    I have little or no respect for many religious leaders, those that anoint themselves with terms like “reverend”, “imam” or “pastor”. I have no respect for those people that have no respect for me as a person who is an atheist.

    A policeman once asked me, when I was confessing to the “crime” of blasphemy if I would like a present of a plastic Jesus on a crucifix. (He actually offered one to me in the cop shop). I replied “only if you throw in a bottle of lube”. He nearly had a heart attack because he got so angry so quickly. I still could not get arrested!! Fuck ‘em.


    David Boots

    Lube? No way you could get away with saying that around here.



    I respect a child who believes in super heroes. I respect a schizophrenic person who is delusional.

    I dont respect an adult who elevates faith over reason, fiat over question, discrimination over equality and has the arrogance to assert an understanding of the universe.

    But sure we cant stop em from being idiots.


    No way you could get away with saying that around here.

    I would say it to a a cop or anyone else anywhere. I would not respect him for abusing his power. He thought he could get away with it because he was a cop. Why could I not get away with it where you are? What law have I broken? It is not the role of the police to pontificate about religion.  They represent the State and there is a (supposed) legal separation between Church and State. I would speak out with any hesitation. I would immediately sue him and the State for any response that crossed that line including any form of assault on me or false arrest. Fuck him and  the horse he rode in on. 🙂


    David Boots

    Dont get me wrong… I love your comeback.


    Daniel W.

    I don’t know what to make of the culture wars.  It does seem like we are headed to a more authoritarian world, and it also seems like tribalism is the trend of our time.  It seems like it doesn’t matter which side you are on, as long as it’s the side with the loudest voice, the most outrage, or the most power.


    I have a Wi-fi “guest” network setup that broadcasts from my house to the neighborhood as “Free to Atheists”. Sometimes I change the name to “NoGodsNoMasters” or “GrowUpMan&StopGrovelling” or something similar. The recent “BishopMcAreaveyShouldResign” offended some people which was great.


    Simon Paynton

    @danielw – “the loudest voice, the most outrage, or the most power.

    – what I observe in the noisy Left is that it is packed full of narcissists – competitive bullies who look out for no.1.  I’m sure the Right is similar.

    These two trouble-making factions obscure real debate and ensure that people’s real concerns are ignored by the wider world.

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