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    Robin Hood has even put out a Nanaimo Bar mix, but home made is still better.


    David Boots

    Now that is ice cream i can believe in!

    JFK Icecream



    The other day on Farcebook I ran into a pic of someone holding a sign that said “Diversity is code for white genocide.” It boggles my mind that anyone could believe and/or promulgate such bullshit. Sweet Jesus is hate speech exactly like ‘diversity’ is code for white genocide.


    Simon Paynton

    @zweifel – “Diversity is code for white genocide.

    – I’ve completely lost touch with both sides of that debate.  Which side said that – the left or the right?  I’ve also heard (from the left) that “diversity of opinion = fascism”.  I think the logic is that if one disagrees with them, then one is a fascist.


    I would recommend that everyone has a proper healthy meal before devouring their ice cream.



    Ice cream IS healthy……calcium ya know!



    “Diversity is code for white genocide.”

    This will be a long one…but it cannot be said in a short text. I think the word privilege is used way too much (another case of overusing a word until it loses its meaning and impact). Especially when it comes to checking people’s privilege, dismissing any criticism of the the marginalised or world events or and for the most extreme people who use the term…making those who have privilege somehow feel guilty for having it (even though they are who they are through no direct fault of the own). This may happen a little…but to them it seems like that is the only thing happening…attack.

    In a sense, these people are responding to this “threat”. In reality “privilege” is just a word…but they connect it to all of the changing laws they don’t agree with…and how much trouble you can get in doing what was once the status quo. There may be a sliver of truth to it…that they think progress means straight white men should feel bad for having privilege….while in fact there is no shortage of poor, jobless, impotent straight white men who find the whole idea outrageous. But the fact is…many of them think they are truly under a massive assault, that being white is now a bad thing, being a man who flirts with women is a bad thing, not wanting to pick your own friends for yourself but instead made to be friends with gay people is wrong, preaching your own religion in public is wrong, criticising progressive ideologies is wrong. On top of that, many honestly do not realize that they are on average: richer, less likely to face discrimination, avoid sexual assault, get better jobs, be more welcome in public establishment, more likely to get quality education etc. because they don’t experience or even notice what marginalized people suffer, discrimination that is empirically proven again and again. They hear the complaints…but don’t see the actual events (sometimes because it is subtle…sometimes because they aren’t in proximity to it). They may have never seen a male friend be despicably nasty to a women (even though it has probably happened), his children’s black school mates less likely to get a summer job (even though it might happen), a family member showing open hostility or verbal abuse towards LGTB (even though it might happen). A religious friend kicking their son out for being an atheist (they keep it shushed). They don’t see it and then don’t believe it exists. So they feel they are unfairly attacked for being white, being a man and being straight…and more so…they are under the illusion that there is something wrong about them being straight white men…while all around them marginalized people are becoming the norm and getting all the advantages. In this sense, they are not exaggerating the criticism how rich white men often face way less problems in life…but instead hyper exaggerate the tiny amount of opportunities given to marginalized people to help balance out the inherent prejudice. For example, one or two out of hundreds of scholarship are offered only to Latino Students or women. Therefore, Latinos are getting all the opportunity and its discrimination against white people and men and not equality. Forget the fact that schools in many Latino neighborhoods are underfunded and that they often have less means to afford university and are less likely to get other scholarships….that one scholarship is proof that equality really means discrimination against white people. It’s like playing a poker game where one player comes and has only 10% of the chips and is allowed to switch fewer cards the others do…and yet consider giving them even the slightest help to compete is actually giving them all the advantage. “They want equality…so equality means we all play under the same conditions (regardless of how utterly stacked those deck of cards are against the poor newcomer). Same case goes for a tiny quota of female employees. In an industry where men get 95% of the jobs and women are disproportionately rejected when applying for jobs…sparring a couple positions for women to help normalize female workers, and help men acclimatize to a co-ed working environment…is discrimination against men. Despite the fact that those two positions are but a tiny brick wall holding up an avalanche of sexual discrimination and mixed opportunities…they ask…where are the positions reserved for men? Despite the fact that when people’s names aren’t included on Resumés…they are more likely to be selected for an interview and that when their names to appear…HR people actively (or subconsciousless discriminate), all of this proven multiple times…they don’t accept it that women apply and unfairly get rejected (they don’t see it), they don’t treat women badly themselves (nor see it) don’t know women who get rejected from such work…and thus they see reserving one or two out of hundreds of job positions for qualified women who are more likely not to get a position they deserve…is really an attack on men and is sexual discrimination. It is not the equality that women say they want. Its enormous disproportionate unfair advantage.

    Add this all together. While in individual cases there might be a tiny sliver of truth to what these people fear (maybe a few people do think rich white men should feel bad for their privilege, maybe a tiny percentage of women unfairly get a job, maybe a tiny percentage of Latino students get a scholarship despite performing less than other candidates) it is exaggerated to the extreme and blown out of proportion…out of the ball park. There is no systemic discrimination. The deck isn’t stacked. The playing conditions are fair and equal. White people are being driven out of their jobs, straight men are being shamed for being who they are, men are not being considered for so many jobs and university spots and the rich don’t deserve the hard earned money they make and should have it all taxed and given to undeserving marginalized people. It’s all just rich-white-straight-men genocide.

    This is how an otherwise decent and even rational person can somehow take a situation where marginalized people around them face a thousand times more hurdles and discrimination than they do…get the tiniest push to help equalize the playing field…and yet its those with privilege who are under fatal mortal attack. From their deluded point of view…its even understandable for them to think the world is against them….despite it all being a grotesque absurdity.

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    Healthy? Depends on how much you spend. Most ice cream is made of vegetable oils with no dairy. Proper dairy ice cream is not bad if actually made from dairy but is high in calories.

    Frozen yogurt is a better option. Most people will not tell the difference, especially kids. Gelato is the best ice cream.



    I make ice cream….with cream, & less sugar, real fruit, cocoa, or vanilla, no oils!


    @JBO – I am on my way to the airport…🥣 👍


    Daniel W.

    @davis – I’m impressed 🙂

    The only thing I would add, is that tribalism seems to be the theme of our time.  Not that it hasn’t been the them of many, if not most, eras.  When I say “tribalism”, I mean “us” vs. “them”, where “us” indicates some group that “we” belong to, which could be race, political persuasion, religion, religious denomination, national origin, or some other designation or group of designations.  In man cases, once someone identifies as belonging to an in-group, they seem to decide on other issues based on what is the the world-view of the other members of the in-group.   I think this is magnified by the politics of our times, especially facebook and news search bubbles.


    Still, nice essay.  It stands on its own.

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    Ok, Reg, I’ll get a batch started….any flavour preference?

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