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    how does american humor differ from japanese humor?

    ChatGPT [which I don’t disagree with]:
    American humor and Japanese humor can be quite different in terms of their style and content.

    In terms of style, American humor often relies on sarcasm, irony, and self-deprecation. American comedians often use observational humor to comment on everyday situations, and stand-up comedy is a popular form of entertainment in the US.

    Japanese humor, on the other hand, often relies on wordplay, puns, and physical comedy. There is a long tradition of slapstick comedy in Japan, and many popular TV shows feature humorous skits and pranks.

    In terms of content, American humor tends to be more explicit and risqué, with comedians frequently using sexual and scatological humor. Japanese humor, on the other hand, is often more innocent and focused on everyday situations.

    Another key difference is the role of laughter in each culture. In the US, laughter is often seen as a sign of appreciation for the humor, while in Japan, laughter can be used to diffuse tension or to show politeness, even if the humor is not particularly funny.

    Overall, the differences between American and Japanese humor reflect broader cultural differences between the two countries. American humor tends to be more individualistic and direct, while Japanese humor tends to be more communal and indirect.

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